Now tello might be banging it's head against the door?

Seeing cellnuvo golds flowing away?

If it accepts golds I would at least buy paygo and unlimited low speed data.

I am not certain, are you saying Tello is somehow obtainable with Gold?

I wish!



At one point in time, Tello was discussing about Cellnuvo but guess the permanent banned JTS guy managed to scare Tellio from partnership with Cellnuvo away with his fake facts. Oh well.

I wouldn't give JTSR71 that much credit in the Tello/CellNuvo saga......

... I think the real issue for Tello is simply that their system does not enable 3rd-party payments from anyone. That might require a significant change to Tello's backoffice.

Tello's responses here directly addressed working with CellNuvo, since that is the question they were asked here. A question of "can you please enable 3rd-party payments" would have probably yielded the same general answer, without any appearance of that answer being aimed specifically at CellNuvo users. If Tello should see a significant advantage to enabling 3rd-party payments at some point, working with CellNuvo would become much more likely.