Not Secure Warning on Coffee Thread

Just wondering if anyone else is getting a security warning when clicking on the recent Coffee thread. I'm using the Chrome browser and the not secure message does not come up on the other Nth threads, which is odd and is the first time I'm aware of that a Nth forum thread has displayed that message. I'm on a Linux OS PC, yet the attackers might be watching message also comes up on my Android phone while using the Chrome Browser.

I think it's because there are images in the thread and this isn't an https: site.

Edit1: Nope. That's not it. Just checked another thread that had images. Maybe there's a suspicious image being used?

Edit2: I think it's because some images in that thread are pulled from the Big Lots website rather than the actual image being uploaded. The security threat would be that, if someone had the image pulling from their own server rather than a company like Big Lots, they could have the image pull a replacement image with malicious code rather than the original image.

I tried it on a Firefox Browser and it said the site was secure, so maybe a bug with Chrome.

No warnings here - but also no chrome in usage - I use a very up to date Linux browser.

Yep, that is EXACTLY why this site allows image links to be posted without restrictions.

Perhaps our (former RP moderator...) friend Chelle should open a brand new, super-duper forum herself, that way all the technical & restrictive rules & whatever else may be important can be PROPERLY created, right ??

No blame for this aimed at HungryGhost, of course, as I consider this forum to be a lovely recreation (about 90% of the time...)

Yes I get the "Not secure" message in the url bar. I am using Chrome with an update pending.

The second image of the coffee machine has an http url instead of https as in all the others.

For anyone getting a non-secure warning at that other thread:
And -IF- that is even related with the earlier reply that I posted there...
The off-site image links I used there ARE made with HTTPS.
I just checked in the edit mode there to verify it.
So if any browser is griping it is likely just because they aren't from the same exact domain.

Best Wishes to All !!

Test post:

@golan After posting two insecure (http) images above, I do see "Not Secure" in this thread in Chrome. I guess anytime there is a secure (https) website loading insecure (http) elements, Chrome will show that warning in URL bar. Interesting! Also interesting is that automatically redirects http URLs to https, but since there is that initial http request Chrome apparently still warns as not secure.

I get the Not secure Chrome message on this thread as well now that the test post is on it. EDIT: But the not secure message is no longer on the coffee nerd thread with apparently the exact same images.

As of right now, that post was edited about 45 minutes ago. Perhaps @hungryghost is monitoring and corrected the Chrome error by editing the post in question?

Same here for both threads.

And when I go to copy the image address, it most definitely copies as http - on this thread for both images.