Not receiving any ads

Anyone else experiencing this problem too?

yes no ads

I'm sure earning opportunities will be restored relatively quickly.

If they are not, then maybe you have the first signs that cellnuvo is about to die.

Almost same here. Though I hadn't been swiping (or at least swiping much) since my account got Closed on/around Nov 17th, I did update the app to get the new provider payment options. Then tonight updated it again. Got one 3 pt ad is all but only swiped about 10 times so far. Was working to reactivate account is only reason I swiped, was in the app already.

I swiped for a few minutes after updating the app. (I was behind a couple of versions.) I did see a few of the Walmart ads, maybe once per 15 swipes. Doesn't worry me. We've seen slow times before, and I'm a little bit ahead of my needs at my recent redemption rate.