Not impressed currently

Still have my Cellnuvo phone & service - but lately every time I power that up there's nothing happening.
Nothing found swiping a dozen times right or left.

Since I have little need of any phone right now, I'm not inclined to poke them & see if they'll respond.

If my other services died right about when I needed to take a road trip someplace I might be concerned, but that seems unlikely.

A shame really that this has not turned out as well as it looked like it was headed for around when RP died.

You just happened to check it during a bad period. Sometimes there are periods like that. Apparently CN say that more ads are due this month so things should get better.

You should still be getting referral silver coming in from your very special referral.

I hope so. I used to be able to get a lot of Coast Guard ads to keep me going :(. I also hope that the GSM network will be up and running soon. Maybe this has to do with the new Swipir app that's supposed to be coming soon.

I've been told that gsm is not soon. There are lots of other projects in the pipeline. The swipir app is for their new lifeline program (the free government phones/service). I'm assuming they are trying to get all of that sorted next as it is probably a nice revenue stream for them. The ios app should be out after that and phones for silver sometime after that.

How much money have you spent on those ads? If your answer is $0. You know those sponsors will withdraw soon and CellNUVO will die. Enjoy while you can.

Respectfully disagree on the "CellNUVO will die" comment. Some of the candy ads got to me and I bought some M&M's and 3 Musketeers (can't get the caramel M&Ms or the Snickers because they'll trash dental work but the other stuff is safe in moderation). :slight_smile: Think the ad revenue stream varies but unlike the late RingPlus they really do have an assortment of paying advertisers.

I've also been getting a lot of smaller reward ads like Kiip 10 pointers for Ikea and for probiotic vitamins. And many 2 to 5 pointers for CIGNA health apps and 2 CIGNA airport clinics at BDL Airport Marketing Program, Health & Wellness, Cigna, Sponsorship plus a local supermarket showing specials of the week.

Also some ads for game apps and still get the occasional video ad for the Coast Guard. Also get some points from surveys and from some online sponsored quiz challenges. I'm keeping my silver balance in the 40,000 to 42,000 range OK.

Think if they can get the Swype app bringing in new people and the iphone app operational that will attract more advertisers.

Yea some ads got me too

I went to the store to get some twix bars and passed by the coastguard office where I joined up. On the way home I bought some swifter

Not sure why I did this

Many small companies seem to confuse desires for growth via diversification with simple fragmentation.
This tends to create poor results in existing efforts while making new efforts.
Many times this leads to shrinkage of good results from the existing efforts while resources are diverted to the new efforts.

Sometimes there are also companies like the former RP, which mostly seemed to resemble this:

Only with more obstruction, less organization & more chaos every day !!