Not an Uplyfting Experience

It's not hard to understand the Lyft driver not wanting to make only $6 an hour, but it's hard to understand him risking his and his passenger's life over $6 an hour. Maybe the driver thought the faster he drove the more money per hour he would make. I wonder if the pilot was charged for the aborted trip to the Trader Joe's parking lot?

yeah if I was the pilot in that situation, I would never ride any rideshare service again. I currently don't ride uber because they took advantage of me within my first ride.

I wonder how it will work out when Uber and LYFT driver's need to take elderly medicare patients on a three or so mile trip to the doctors office in traffic ridden urban areas.

Lyfe should have terminated the contract with that driver. Anything less would be encouraging this foolish behavior among its drivers! That's part of business. Sometimes have low, sometimes have high fares. If can't stand it, work at McDonald, where there are fix wages for him for life! A lifetime of minimum wages may be better suited for for that driver!

While this would increase prices for consumers, I wish these companies would do real screenings and background checks like a typical minimum wage job does. This would at least reduce the number of horror stories ride shares get by one aspect. I also believe screenings and background checks should be done for riders as well. My reasoning for this is behind the people who cancel in the middle of a ride simply to save the cost of what might be less than a meal at Panera Bread, only to be left at a random stop on the road such as a gas station or local store.

As far as medical driving, I think only "certified" drivers should do that. Not necessarily the high cost of an ambulance. Rather only people with an extremely high positive rating with a minimum rating count per say.

This pilot should stop being such a snowflake, especially seeing he does a job where he has to be calm under pressure.

What was the impact of the incident?

"Darryl said he arrived 15 minutes late for his flight"

I take that to mean that he arrived 15 minutes later than intended. Not late for the flight, especially since there is no mention of him missing the flight in the "journalism" piece by Fox "News".

The 15 minutes later than intended makes sense since you can usually get a ride within 15 minutes of calling for one.

It also sounds like he wasn't charged for the trip to Trader Joe's, so he saved money on his overall journey and made his flight. The 15 minutes he "lost" were not really lost because we all build in buffers for our travel plans for unforeseen delays.

What a snowflake this pilot is. Driver doesn't charge him, drops him someone reasonable in pleasant LA weather, and the only impact is that he used up 15 minutes of the 1 hour or more buffer you allow when travelling to the airport, especially an airport like LAX.

I know someone who uses this service and likes it very much. It tracks the ride for the one setting it up so they can know when their loved one is picked up and dropped off.