No service for over a month now

when they were doing thr upgrade i did not have servers for a long time. Then when i did get service again, by number was changed. now again no service. Been a little over a month now.

last i heard back from support was 0ct 11th. nothing since. tried calling, left VMs, emailed several times, emailed Tom. running out of ideas on what to do.
Their last email:
"I am told by network folks that this has been addressed. Please advise us if you are still having issues."

My Issue:
i have tried activating with both Old and new numbers and although the activation / profile update / PRL update, all seem to complete sucessfully, i still dont have service. If i try to call a # , i get the automated Redpocket message. Incoming calls dont work either.

any advice for me?

Use up-to-date CellNuvo app to buy Infinite Plan, & wait ~24 hours. Then update profile / PRL, & report back here on this thread.

I'll give you my advice. You either believe that Cellnuvo is trying hard to stay in business, and patiently wait for the outcome, with no real expectations, ...or for the peace of your mind, just forget about Cellnuvo ever existed, and move on! You can also vent your frustration here, as some of us do :slight_smile:

Since you are hearing the Red Pocket message, it almost certainly indicates that your phone is provisioned correctly, and CN is probably correct in telling you that the network settings have been addressed.

It appears that the issue is now an "account level" problem-- you line exists, but isn't being 'funded' properly..

CN should be able to straighten this out with Red Pocket, and the justifiable frustration many feel is the result of slow progress with similar issues. The direct cause of the problem may be on the CN side, and may be on the Red Pocket side. Either way, CN is the one that needs to follow up to get your account working properly. Make sure you tell them that you are hearing that RP refill message.

From a self-service side, have you tried topping up through the CN app/Store ? If not, try it, and be sure to either write down the confirmation # or take a screenshot of the confirmation screen. If the problem remains after 24 hours, follow up again with CN & let them know you've attempted the refill and include the confirmation #. (Edit to add: follow jamielih's suggestion above about profile update after waiting 24 hours. ) Refilling has worked for some, and not for others. As above, being specific about what you've tried should provide pointers to CellNuvo to fix the issue.

Thanks all. After your response i did purchase a top up using 5 gold (however i did not save a screenshot or conf number). i was on the 0 Gold/month infinite plan before the top -up. Am i on the same plan now?

i did notice one thing, that could be causing this issue:
when i go to my phone settings ==>About Phone ==> Status
in this section there is a field " My Phone Number" this shows my NEW phone number (the one i got AFTER the upgrade).

and when i go to the cellnuvo app and go to account information, the phone number there shows the OLD / Original phone number.
Do yo think that could be causing an issue / conflict? Do you know how i can get the 2 to match? also does any one know which phone number i should be using? (old or new)

It is the standard blurb but have you tried ##72786# in the dialer to perform a carrier reset. That should get you to the correct number if it goes through. Just let it run through and recheck the number.

thanks!. trying that now.. will let you know how that goes

Hi again, tried the reset and it did a couple reboots and activation and prl updates etc, at the end of the whole process the number in the settings remained the same (the new number) and the number in my cell nuvo app is the old number.

i tred a test call and still get the red pocket automated message.

since i did the 5 gold topup, i will wait 24 hours to see if that helps and report back..

THanks all of you for your responses..

I also have my old number still shows In the App. My new number shows in the phone settings. Everything working with new #

indgirl6, don't worry too much about the app showing the old number, while the phone shows the newer #. CN seems to still be tracking accounts by the original number. There isn't any conflict caused by the display difference..
At some point, CN will need to rectify this, either by restoring 'all' the original numbers (which does not seem likely), or by correcting the way the app displays the number. For now, I believe it is helpful if you include the original number in any correspondence with CellNuvo.

I seriously do not understand what is taking so long and why they not responding to most of us? They always did in past

If your performed at work the way CellNUVO have performed in the provision of your cell service, what would happen?

I would imagine that if you stopped working, didn't communicate, didn't advise when you would be back, performed badly when you did come back, didn't do what you promised, used the word "soon" then didn't deliver, you would be fired within days.

The reason? Apart from the fact that you let them down, they can't trust you to not do it all again.

Why are you so negative :slight_smile:
There is a saying in my native tongue: "If you do not know what's going on, it's about money"

That's brilliant. Do you mind sharing which country that is? Eastern Europe / Russia perhaps?

It's polish: "Jeśli nie wiadomo o co chodzi, to chodzi o pieniądze"

Aha. I've been to Poland many times. Two separate times for weddings. Lovely country.

Random point but did you ever watch Borat of Kazakhstan News and laugh when he greeted people with "Dzien dobry"?

...but if that bad employee borrowed money from his boss, the boss wouldn't fire him until he gets his money back!

Depends on how much!

Cellnuvo is the boss... one who went through a nasty divorce. He was fine before. He says he will get it together and you either believe him or not. You leave or stay as that is your choice. He owes you money so some feel the need to stay anyway.

What I do know is that if I was having a hard time at work I wouldn't want some random passerby being a jerk rubbing it in every day.

No, the customer is the boss.

As per Mitt Romney: "I like to fire people"