No Coffee for You

After 2:30 pm today, that is. I suppose most Starbucks fans can do without their afternoon pepper upper until tomorrow, but I venture that many will regret having taken that freeway off ramp or that small detour only to discover that their habitual Starbucks store is closed. There's always McDonalds.

Too bad it couldn't have been scheduled during Lent, so everyone could at least feel virtuous while feeling deprived.

Agreed. Now the best we can probably hope for is cranky, at least until the Starbucks faithful get their next caffeine fix. :slight_smile:

That is too bad. But at least the the large amount of employees at the 8,000 Starbucks that were closed supposedly received a lesson on how to be virtuous, albeit while probably consuming free coffee. I wonder if Starbuck's business slows any at all during Lent, particularly in certain areas? I'm a customer at the Loma Linda University dental school, a Seventh-Day Adventist institution in California, where there is no coffee as far as the eye can see, and I suspect most people there never feel deprived of something they have never imbibed. The acidity of coffee, not to mention any sugar added, is bad for the teeth, anyways.