New Sprint Plans?

$20/mo for unlimited talk/text/1gb LTE data then 2g throttled - the XS plan?

Oh, another trickery... so it's $20 for the data plus $20 for "access charge" so $40/mo

So for 4 lines with 1 GB LTE would be 4x$20 access charge + $20 for the 1gb = $100...

$20/mo for unlimited talk/text/1gb LTE data then 2g throttled - the XS plan?

Is there not a $25/monthly access charge in addition that makes it $45?

Unsubsidized phone now $20
Subsidized phone now $45.

So, yep, another trickery with the rates.

$20/month, with no subsidized phone, for unlimited T&T + 1 GB LTE and unlimited 2g data is very good pricing.

I simulated buying an iPhone 7S+ at full price and the monthly charge was $45 + tax.

The fairest comparison is using their non-subsidized pricing.

I don't think that is correct. It is $45 with any full price phone when I click through. You can get a $5 autopay discount. It does seem to imply it should be $20 but it isn't. I would really consider $20 a great deal if that was actually correct.

What they really want is to push you onto the unlimited plan which has no monthly access charge. For $55. So just $10 more.

This must the one of the most confusing pricing plans ever. It reads that the monthly access is $45 for the S plan in one place.

Cnet Cheapskate has posted a deal for a year of free Service on Sprint it seems.

Perhaps someone could take a look and post the link if it checks out.

I have connectivity issues and cannot.

It was released briefly a few nights ago and was pulled. Seems like it is back

Basically you get a year free with a port in from postpaid. Pay for taxes/fees each month and they insist on your buying a sim. No contract. Can upgrade phones in 3 months I believe but not before.

I tried to sign up a few days ago but there were lots of issues and hassle so I canceled. 404 error / page taken down / customer service having no knowledge of the promo/ I received two order numbers etc.

I imagine the taxes and fees would have add up - I can see them charging you the full fees for the unlimited plan as well as the $2 admin fee and other fees mentioned. Could end up as $10-20 a month.

Issues of activation issues - - View Single Post - Sprint BYOD: 1-Year Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Free (w/ Eligible Device, SIM Req.)
Also phones not working that should especially the nexus 5x.

A complete mess of a promo that seems too good to be true. At one point I thought it was a scam. I should learn to stay clear of these things.