New pricing on Tello - all plans include unlimited texts

[strike]Plans now include unlimited texts.

100 mins - $5
200 - $7
300 -$9
500 -$11
Unlimited - $15

200mb - $7
500mb - $9
1gb - $14
2gb - $23
3gb - $29
5gb - $39 (currently includes an extra 5gb - do 10gb total)

Not sure I like the changes as the cheaper plans are now more expensive since you are basically paying for texts even if you don't want them. Not very competitive with twigby either eg Unlimited talk/text and 2gb $38 tello and $30 twigby. Twigby gives you verizon roaming too.[/strike]

Glad they kept the paygo the same though.

Scratch that it looks like different combinations are discounted. They used to not discount it like that which is a good thing. My prices were if you just had minutes or just had data. See the prepaidphonenews article linked below for details.

Looks like they have been very careful to undercut twigby on most of the plans.

eg unlimited talk text and 2gb = $29 on Tello and $30 on Twigby.

Looks good overall apart from the cheapest plans when you don't want texts. At least a step in the right direction.

What were the old prices?

For 8 bucks/mo with unlimited 128kbps isnt terrible so long as you know the limits of the speed :slight_smile:

Whether the price changes are good, or bad, depends on your exact usage, but.....
For those of us who are on the right 'hybrid' plan, it's a nice price reduction!
I had 200mb plus 200 text, at $6/mo, and used a paygo balance for voice.
With the price change, Tello seems to have grandfathered the concept, but applied the new rate structure.
With unlimited text now included with data, my charge for text has been eliminated. My new bill is $4 for 200mb, unlimited text included. (Voice still on PayGo.) Comments on Prepaidphonenews seem to indicate the grandfathered status will include until the customer elects a plan change.

I was actually planning on switching to straight PayGo on this line. Now I'll have to think more about staying as is, since I won't be able to get that rate back.

I believe it's 64kbps, NOT 128kbps, though.

Yes 64k on Tello. I wish they increased it to 128k.

i agree with the nice price reduction aspect. i have a plan that had unlimited text/200mb/200mins i was paying $12 +taxes now its down to under $10. i also have a no data call/text only that i monitor for family thats down to $5. that i think they will be thrilled with. the activity page has changed the wording to custom plan.