New phones not having removable batteries

What do you think of new phones not having removable batteries?

I think its very convenient to be able to pop in a new battery when your phone dies

That's why I'm going to stick with my LG G4
I wouldn't want a new phone at this point
And you can get an LG g4 for $70 on ebay these days

It stinks! Bring back removable battery, led notifications

Good reply - but far too polite IMO:

Intentional wastage by design...should be a hangin' offense !!!

On a related note=>
All the additional G's (2G=>3G=>4G=>5G) being used to force phone sales fits right in there as well.

I still enjoy my LG phones running Kitkat with easy to replace batteries.

If these wasters want to sell more phones then they need to make 'em BOTH cheap AND highly recyclable.

Lately phone deals seem to be drying up & even sites like C7Recycle have little to offer;
Chain stores like Family Dollar & such have limited their offers as well.
The days of cool, cheap phone deals seem to have passed - at least for now.

How does KitKat work with cellnuvo for you?

There are still phone deals out there, just not quite as continuous.
I picked up a phone through a Cricket promo that cost me $50 ($52 after Ebay unlock), but there are frequently options for $30.
Black Friday isn't too far away-- there will be deals then. I usually find something pretty usable for $20 or less. (The AT&T Maven 3 for $10, Alcatel CameoX for $20.)

There are quite possibly still Boost/Virgin phones that slip through the FED cracks, too-- but the cadre of people who checked on them constantly isn't active anymore, without R+ to activate them on.

Truth be told...:

No idea. I've got lots of other, far more important stuff going on in my life right now.
Ignoring CN for the time being is a best choice for me mainly because it just doesn't fit into my days.

Thanks for your encouraging reply KentE !!
Perhaps you will be kind enough to point such goodies out here at the forum when they show up ?!?

You have time for the goodies?


(You have time to poke fun at other folks' personal lives ??)
((Perhaps contributing something that is actually -funny- would be at least somewhat helpful ??))

I do the best I am able with what I have.
If/when it may be possible to pick up a cheap device with a bigger screen & a newer version of Android that will be delightful - and anyone who shares such a pointer will be very appreciated indeed.