New (?) FreedomPop plans similar to what RP charged near the end


$19.99 /mo
$239.88 total (must pay in advance for a year of service)
10GB data per month
Unlimited talk
Unlimited texts

This is cheaper than MintSIM. You can add this if you buy their GSM SIM.

They have other prices for 2GB and 5GB plans as well as other prices for terms of 1, 3, and 6 months.

I'd consider buying this except (a) I'm still on the Sprint free service for a year deal, (b) I have a lot of data on Tracfone to use up, and (c) it's FreedomPop. The idea of giving them $240 in advance makes me nervous.

Either way I hope this shakes up the prepaid market a little.

As low as $2 per GB on AT&T, very nice! Based on my current lifestyle and still have home broadband, I would have to go out of my way to use 10GB/mo... maybe possible if I go on a trip, but definitely not normally.

I wouldn't think they would go lower than their roughly $2.92 per GB option when they offered the president day deal. Very Nice!

Does anyone know if there is a way to add the "use actual cell instead of app for minutes" add-on option with the ATT freedompop sim for this plan? Even if it adds 10 dollars to the prepaid amount per month, that would be a steal deal as far as rates are concerned, given it works for both outbound and inbound calls. (Especially since ATT is generally better coverage than MintSim T-Mobile).

I am personally good on data, but I might know some that could benefit from the aforementioned combination.

Howdy, @Howdy! Haven't seen you around these parts for a long time. Welcome back!

I wonder if cell nuvo will pay for this bundle with gold with all of freedom pops land mines.

Hmmmm...the idea of throwing such a large sum at FP for a long-term commitment strikes me as being just as silly (due to the hindsight from earlier lessons learned) as having thrown too much $$ at the old rp.

At least if the free FP services croak suddenly - nothing really lost - which is OK with this small user.

I didn't even know they offered a "use actual cell instead of app for minutes" service/feature. Is that something they offer with CDMA lines? I know they have the premium voice thing which is supposed to use voice for your calls instead of data when there is a weak data signal, but when I paid for that a long time ago I could never get it to work. If I didn't have a data signal, I couldn't make calls period.

There are cheaper options such as

2GB per month data and unlimited talk and text:
$120 for 12 months (averages out to $9.99/month)
$71.94 for 6 months (averages out to $11.99/month)
$41.97 for 3 months (averages out to $13.99/month)
$24.99 for 1 month

5GB per month data and unlimited talk and text:
$179.88 for 12 months (averages out to $14.99/month)
$107.94 for 6 months (averages out to $17.99/month)
$56.97 for 3 months (averages out to $18.99/month)
$34.99 for one month

And by "cheaper" I mean payments that you can make for less than $240.

The fact that you can use this for GSM sims is great. I think FP still has a long way to go re: customer service, and they'll probably always be a little shady with their sign-up process (gotta read the fine print all the time), but I hope to see more of these kinds of plans/offers from them. Hopefully it will lead to other companies lowering their own prices.

Howdy! Long time no see! I haven't really been looking for phone deals as I got on the Sprint free-for-a-year thing last August, and I was on MintSim before that. I don't even regularly look at the FreedomPop forums these days. It's good to see some familiar names here.

When I had unlimited cell plan many years back, I did not even use 2GB per month... the $120/yr plan looks very enticing.

Yeah that is it. AFAIK, premium voice is only on the CDMA portion of FP. That stinks you couldn't get it to work, so I am sorry for that. However, some have posted a way to make it so every time a FP user with that service makes a call, whether they have data or not, the phone does use premium voice instead of the app.

Well this was a few years ago. I'm sure the service has improved since then. The data portion always worked flawlessly for me whenever I could get a signal, which was most of the time. Voice was always meh, but hopefully that has improved as well.

I suspect FP has raised far more money than RP ever did and I do hope they succeed, although I wish they'd stop being so slimy with their sign-up process where the "Yes I'll take this trial" text is size 100 font and the "No thanks" link is size 1 font. I've always had good luck with their customer service the few times I've had to use it. I don't want them to cancel all of their services the way RP did, so if these plans, which are very reasonable for the most part, help them stay in business then I think that's great.

lol yep I understand completely. I have unlimited Sprint for a year (ends in August) but hardly use it as I'm usually near wifi.

Article out on PPPNews

It mentions Sprint and LTE SIM... so does that mean we can get Sprint, have CDMA voice with 2GB data for $14/mo (12 month advanced pmt)? Nice!