New EV drivers - sigh

It is humorous. She is probably not the first, nor the last, person that will be attempting the ludicrous. The person taking the video was possibly slow at figuring out what was going on, which I doubt, or was enjoying the woman's consternation, or was self absorbed with making a video of the situation, and failed to offer assistance straightaway. Yet the woman could laugh it off in the end. I wonder what the "fuel" gauge in the Tesla looks like. It's a good thing, she didn't try to fill up the windshield wiper fluid reservoir with gas. Shorter episodes than this have occurred at gas stations when people have been stymied by the gas and diesel nozzles.

My first thought when watching Tesla video was that poor intern was pranked (eg; "Fill up gas in boss' car, pronto!"). Youtube comments are pretty horrible. :frowning:

My neighbor has a 2008 Smart Fortwo sans design blunder.