New Easy Phone Number

Any suggestions where one could obtain a nice new phone number at little to no cost that is available to immediately port out to one's regular mobile provider? Preference is to be able to choose the specific area code even in areas where there are multiple overlapping area codes. Even better would be able to preview the available numbers beforehand and select one that's most desirable.

Freedompop. When FP number is ported out, you can assign a new number to the line at no cost (the line is not terminated) and choose area code/number.

I don't believe FreedomPop allows you to choose the area code in areas that have multiple overlapping area codes. In those cases they'll randomly assign you an area code (from those serving that area) based on the Zip Code you provide. Nor, as far as I understand, does FreedomPop allow you a choice of numbers to choose from prior to assignment.

Perhaps this is true when you are initially assigned a number, but after porting out you can definitely choose the area code and number from a list, then port out again.

This example might not be little in cost, but you might find a similar offer at less cost on Ebay. Don't know if this will work for you.

Interesting topic !!
So, seeing what Isamorph contributed makes me wonder...
If someone got such a number for the $5.89 cost, used a free porting deal (say if perhaps Callcentric had one right then) - I wonder if this might be a solution to an essentially free DID which they no longer offer ??

Nice tip, Isamorph!
I'd seen the 'digital' T-Mobile registrations offered before, but that's the first one I've seen that does all the legwork for you, and hands you the number and porting credentials.
I did one without those added features for a couple bucks less a few months ago. After doing that one, I'd rather pay the extra $2 to avoid going through the hassle again.

How do you reckon it would be a "free" DID? And what are you referring to with "which they no longer offer"?

Which steps does the product in the above eBay save you from doing?

This eBay listing is the same as others. You can choose the area code only. I just bought one from this seller yesterday. Two months ago it was $3.95.

The version of the "digital SIM" I bought only provided an 'activation code'. I had to call T-Mobile service (on the phone, not online), and use the activation code to sign up. Signing up without depositing money requires explaining to the agent that you'll finish the process later online in your account dashboard (perhaps using a prepaid refill card in your online account), and follow up by setting up your online account to retrieve your account number, or ask for it while you're on the phone. You'll be asked to select a PIN # when you set up the line.
Some agents may decline to set up the line without funding it, and you'd have to call back to get a different agent & go through it again.
With either the version I bought, or Isamorph linked to, you should get an appropriate phone number for your location/zip code, but you won't be able to choose a specific number.

It's still unclear whether you can even choose the area code in areas that have multiple area codes overlayed.

If you have a Freedompop account, login and visit this URL:

In the drop down list labeled "Search by", select "Area code". You can also PM me area codes if you want me to search for you.

Freedompop charges $4.99 to change number. However, if your FP number is ported out, you can assign a new number at no cost.

You can also use Google Voice, though you'll have to pay $3 unlock fee to port out.

I believe one is saved the trouble of having to deal with a carrier to port. In other words, with this digital number and info, all one has to do is contact the carrier you want to port to and provide the number and porting info purchased. It is especially good for something like the Sprint one year free BYOD plan where it's required that one port in a number from T Mobile, AT&T, etc. in order to qualify for the plan.

Also, you might be able to contact Ebay sellers of the digital sims and ask before purchasing about your overlapping area code situation, and maybe they can put your concern to rest.