New CellNuvo, switching carriers?

Would be really nice if we could switch between carriers to see which works best for our personal use case. Hope the conversion completes soon and we get this feature. :slight_smile:

I would be surprised if carrier switching would a "feature" since it would require a fair bit of development work. What one could do quite easily is have accounts on several or all of the carriers at Red Pocket with easy being funded directly from the same silver earnings balance.

That would be fairly easy to do. It is hard to imagine Red Pocket being willing to set up a separate system for CellNUVO users and CellNUVO itself seems to have very modest administrative capabilities.

Red Pocket has just introduced a new promo across all carriers.

I believe redpocket doesn't allow switching.

I am hoping cellnuvo can sort something out such that we can switch one time from our current sprint lines to gsm or verizon if we want to. I got the impression from cellnuvo that they were hoping for this too. I for one wouldn't mind a new number if it makes it easier.