New CellNUVO app version 3.6+ is available

Just got this announcement

Also got it, but didn't see an option to update on Google Play.

Me neither, but here is the announcement:

Interesting. @ceka Are you also able to post a screenshot of the "Please click here..." details? Thank you.

FYI, the NUVOLLC Swipir app version 3.60 updated March 7, 2019:

I don't have access to my swiping phone, but I also don't see the update on Google Play.

I do see an update available for Swipr, the similar NuvoLLC app that isn't specifically targeting cellphones/plans. This app had seemed dormant, not certain that the platform was ever fully functional, and originally seemed targeted at earning extra data for government-supplied subsidy phones. Swipr now appears geared towards earning Amazon gift cards.

(oops, sorry for stepping once again on st3fx's toes.......)

Here is some key info from the faqs:

You can SWAP your Points for $$$. Simply go to the app menu and tap Swaps then choose the swap rate and time frame that works best for you. The swap rates are determined by the marketplace supply and demand, in other words, you and your fellow app users.

When you want to use your $$$ go to Send & Spend in the app menu and choose how you want your $$$. You can receive a check, Amazon gift card, Visa or MasterCard.

Sounds like that catch we were worried about is "time frame" and "swap rate"

They also want your personal info if you earn more than $600 in a year for the irs.

And there are weekly and monthly split pot games in addition to the dailies.

Sounds a lot like a way for them to pay out below a 1:1 ratio outside of phone plan payments.

That was non operational for me