New business plan - free with 2gb shared data?

Looks like they have a special on their business plan. You have to buy 4 tributes for 29.99 each but it looks like no access fee (usually $10 a device). No byod. You have to start with a trial of their $34.99 plan but can switch to the free plan.
I assume it is totally free if you switch to the free plan but I guess you'll have to be careful with freedompop! Maybe too good to be true. Maybe a catch somewhere?
Includes premium voice and some other goodies.

I had read the description in the link below.

It seems to suggest it is open to individuals but whether that is the writer's opinion or not is unclear. A minimum of two lines is required.

According to the article, there is an inconsistency between the announcement and the terms of the sign-up.

Then I went and checked out the sign-up page and it did have a line for EIN but did not have a notation, like other fields, to indicate it is required.

I did not actually attempt to set up an account.

It says normally the first two lines are free of access fees in the article too but when I tried to sign up 2 lines with one of their other phones it tacked on a $20 monthly fee. So looks like the free access is only with this tribute deal. I'm concerned it is a temporary freebie and not permanent. Somehow that $10 access fee will make it back onto the account. But maybe not?.

If it is as stated then it is a great deal. One could put 3 phones in a drawer and have one with premium voice and 2gb data for free. Maybe even more if they allow the freedomfriends on these lines.

There probably is no perfect way to be sure how it works but posters on HoFo and Freedompop fora will contribute additional information.

The other things that can be done are to take screenshots of every part of the sign-up process including any Terms and Conditions or to simply send an email and wait until an official response arrives.

On the surface, it certainly looks very attractive, especially with the Premium Voice. However, since if there is no "catch" users of the normal consumer service would switch in droves once word gets out. So odds are there is a hurdle of some type in the fine print.

It wouldn't be freedompop without some catch. I hope it is simply that you have to buy 4 'bad' phones for this deal.