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The new version of th­e app is now up on Go­ogle Play (2.81) so m­ake sure you've updat­ed your app. the surv­eys are updated as we­ll so hopefully it ta­kes care of the issue­. Let me know if you ­are still experiencin­g an issue or if you ­are set I can resolve­ this ticket for you-­ thanks and have a gr­eat day!

seems like they changed to email in the settings and no longer show the redpocket number

Do you recommend to update?

They also no longer show Red Pocket number or IMEI / SN of phone. This makes sense because you can refill any phone so they dont need to know the serial number for the phone you run the app on.

Crashes 12 times on galaxy s3. Android 4.4.2

Oops-- hope that version of Android isn't problematic-- both of my swiping phones are Android 4.xx

I restarted the phone is still crash all the time about every 10 seconds. Then all of a sudden I started getting a bunch of 30 silver ads and now a bunch of 10 silver ads and it stop crashing. I don't want to jinx it. I don't understand why it went away. I'll let you know if it comes back

I am getting a lot of 1 silver ads. Some that take 15 seconds.

@mmfacemm, I'm getting a fair number of "kiip" ads (30 seconds, National Car Rental, credit 10 silvers each time) and some ads for new apps that take 30 seconds and only credit 3 silvers. I was getting quite a few 30-second ads a week or so ago but they seem to be fewer lately.

I'm only swiping in case CellNUVO actually makes any carrier available (and for entertainment???)... I don't have any lines with any of the Big Four or Red Pocket, which are the only store options at this point. Hoping that maybe someday they will add the option to make payments for Twigby.

Does Twigby offer a paygo plan that won't expire?

No. They only offer monthly prepaid plans. The least expensive calling plan is 200 minutes / unlimited texts for $9 plus taxes and fees; the least expensive data plan is 150 MB for $3. Works for me since I rarely make calls and I use wifi about 75% of the time, but I realize that this may not be a good fit for people who actually use their cell phones a lot.

Some advantages that Twigby offers:
--Free roaming on Verizon when the Sprint network is not available -- a big plus when traveling.
--Overage Protection for calls and data -- with OP on, once you use up your prepaid allotment of high-speed data, it is throttled to 64k and unlimited for the rest of the month. If you keep OP off, they just charge you the difference for the next higher data plan with no interruption. Same for calling -- OP off, just bump up to the next higher plan; OP on, no more calls until the next month.
--Incredible customer service via chat and/or e-mail. This is what makes them well worth a little more $$ since I am not tech savvy, and their CS reps are fantastic.

@Hungry-Hog, please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions about Twigby. Thanks!

From last night updated to 2.81, I only got a 250 silver survey. other than that, nothing comes out by swiping.

I was up really early for a call this morning. Noted the ads were flowing in until 7am eastern then nothing.

The ads do seem to be random on their timing and frequency. I'm using two different "swiping" phones and I've noticed I'm getting different ads on each one. Interesting...

version 2.83 is out

Doesn't really seem to be any different.

Newest doesn't crash


Fast on fixing app. Slow on making my payment s to rp and tmobile

Went back to 2.74 get only kiip 10 silver ads. 2.83 has too many 1 credit ads and other really long ads.

Why do the apps get worse and worse? Less silver and crash

So either cellnuvo is paid less or just paying us less