New app update v2.85

What's new

-New survey system
-Added optional "code" payment details field in store to accommodate any needed extra payment data such as a zip code.
-New activation process hints

I'm curious if any existing store options require extra payment data such as zip code? I don't remember any reports of that.
It might be there as a way to confirm the proper account in case of a typo. It would be nice if it indicated a new provider option that required same...

Verizon requires the zip code.

What hints?

What new survey system?

The hints are just a question mark next to certain fields that you can click and it provides further instructions. Eg the one for activation code will tell you to enter FREE to activate or a referral code.

The new app has some new surveys that pop up. I think they are pollfish surveys again but they look different. Some of the surveys I have seen are worth 120 silver and have about 10 questions.

I have almost no silver in past 3 days. How about you guys?

Same here! Hopefully the ads start to pick up some.

I swiped just a little last night, and a little more tonight. Last night seemed slim pickings, particularly as 10 pm Central time approached. Tonight seemed easy enough, albeit with the lower payouts we've come to expect. (10-17 points on the high side, 1-4 for static ads with no timed view requirement). I've gotten invitations for surveys, but never seem to qualify.

It wasn’t too bad this evening but the last three days have been dry for me too.

I’ve had a few surveys credit. One about Trump. One about hospitals. And another I forgot.