Needafoon !!

Hi Folks.
(I hope this is OK to post here ??)

We will be running out of TF renewals fairly soon & have no intentions to buy more at full price or even close to it, so - our next best provider choice for AT&T/GSM is Redpocket.

The TF we have now will become a paperweight & needs to be replaced before service ends.

If anyone here has a Redpocket AT&T compatible, Android-based phone that is whole/working & wants to pass it along - I'd much rather deal with someone good here than to trust fleabay for a decent phone.
(One that has been retired perhaps, and is just sitting around now ??)

It can be older (Kitkat, or...?) so long as it is unbroken & can charge OK, etc. - and I am happy to pay someone a reasonable price + mailing costs via PP, if anyone has such a thing to pass along.

We don't use our service much, but want to keep a GSM phone active for the few times that we need one.

Thanks for reading this !!

Is the new TF 1 year for $50 deal via eBay worthwhile to continue your service with?

Btw, what did you pay for your current TF renewals?

$1 per 90 days. It was the Family Dollar advertising mistake that sent many of us out to buy as many as we could find. I've had Tracfone Verizon service for the past 2-1/2 years for a total of $10. (Not $10/month. $10 for the 2-1/2 years.)

Just to note that new att prepaid phones will activate on att mvnos like redpocket. You can pick them up relatively cheaply. If you can hold out until Black Friday even better as there often are a model or two sold for $10-20. Right now you can probably pick something up from bestbuy for about $30-40 new but that may be over what you are willing to pay.

Thanks for replying here Folks !!
Chelle is absolutely correct Joseph - and that is the ONLY reason we've been using TF at all - aside of that 'mistake' they have been good for a few great $5 phones that made terrific MP3 players...and that is all.
I am grateful that they unintentionally provided us with AT&T services for a good while, but that is ending soon (and I will not miss TF at all...).

The AT&T provisioned phone is for my partner to carry around on her travels to the north & back where there are many spots that her Twigby phone gets no signal.
It is basically ignored inside her purse 98% of the time.

Still it is a -need- as her car is 21 years old & she is quite frightened to get stuck at night without being able to call for help.
(Here in Vermont the police patrols on the interstate roads are few & far between so getting help minus a working phone is not a simple matter, especially for an already scared person late at night.)

Since it took a very long time here for the 'sunset' of 2G, I suspect the same will apply to the absolute need for 4G in the future, given the mostly rural nature of where we live - hence my mention of an older model being a great improvement for the AT&T realm.

Thanks Again !!

Tracfone is all I got left. Last man standing. Not a bad deal for 50 bucks and rollover.

Hi Mark & All.
The $49.99 TF deal is kind of silly (IMO) because it only allots 1200 T&V - which means buying refill cards to get that full 365 days of service - and it didn't appear to make a point of that, so I'm guessing that folks may buy it thinking it'll give them 1200 of each MONTHLY, every month vs. 1200 for a full year.

By way of contrast - the Redpocket 'essential' deal, even at twice the price gives 500 of everything each 30 days - and is a bit odd as their 'year' is only 360 days - but it is good because it is a one-and-done deal.

My 2.5 cents on the matter of TF:
It is one of those companies that is just so easy to despise.
My 1st direct exposure was via my (now) partner's TF device - which was actually an Android smartphone - but made dumb by TF - trashed is what I'd call that - if politeness matters, then lobotomized will do.

And...she was paying through the nose for simple uses of only the most basic services.

As soon as I learned that she was putting herself broke buying refill cards, I got her onto a real phone with a drastically lower cost - so low in fact, that she insisted for me to get onto the same plan with her & still it was about 25% of what she had been paying, for far better services for BOTH of us.

We then got together & ended up living in a total dead zone, but being as we needed to go to some places each week, we also added a pair of Ringplus phones to cover where there was no AT&T signal - since it could work on cheap, used phones and the initial costs altogether were trivial - and still - no TF, thank goodness.

Then that magic 'sale' came around at a chain just as obnoxious as TF, so I went looking & grabbed 5 cards - and the race was on !!
Spent an enjoyable afternoon driving to 1/2 dozen FD stores and bought all that I could find.
I also got bamboozled by a chain I refer to as 'worst buy' that offered the same deal, but then shipped BYOD SIM kits without the allotments - which I still have, for the moment...

Then I got reminded of just how amazingly obnoxious TF really is by trying to get help from their joke called 'support'.

Getting 2 phones to work with TF was a true time-eater; mine was a nasty Blu phone that was never very good anyhow - and her little, locked TF device was the other, so we used 2 cards at a time for a while, then I tired of the rotten Blu phone & replaced it with a (10 times nicer !!) LG phone & got on Redpocket instead.

After however much time has elapsed since the start of this (non-)adventure, we will soon be 100% free of TF, and I will NOT miss that company's tricks.
(Oh, you had 1700 accumulated minutes ?? So sorry, they are lost now & we cannot get them back...etc.)

Single this and triple that and silly stuff all around - they are almost as easy to despise as FP, which didn't ever work around here anyhow.

The only - only - only goodness we've gotten from them or any of their child companies is the ability to pick up small phones for prices so cheap as to be silly - to be re-purposed into such things as MP3 players.
The best model ever for this was the LG Fuel - what a great little workhorse phone for $5-$10 !!
And fond memories of Android Area 51, which made all that quite easy - but is now just a memory - while I am sitting here looking right at an LG Fuel sitting in a cradle, ready to use as a camera, MP3 recorder, GPS & 1/2 dozen other things that it does quite well despite its age.

Thanks TF, sorta-kinda !!

Red Pocket Essentials plan is a much better deal-- if you actually use the larger allotments.
My wife used Tracfone only for a number of years, refilling only with those 1200/1200/1200 annual cards. By the time RingPlus moved to the Mad plans (standard cellular voice), she had accumulated about 3000 units of everything, unused.
So even though Red Pocket Essential is a better deal per unit (if you use them, at twice the price), if you don't use more than Tracfone provides, Red Pocket Essential is ONLY twice the price, with an irrelevant theoretical per-unit price advantage.

Tracfone works economically for those who are the right fit-- and does not if you're outside of those boundaries. (Although Tracfone is getting more competitive for a wider swath of users, as you can now buy additional text, minutes, or data as stand-alone items.)

There are a lot of rules & pitfalls with Tracfone, partially because of the changes that occurred when they moved to supporting smartphones. It's not easy to navigate, and it's not easy to understand.

For years, I carried a stupidly expensive to use (per unit)Tracfone dumb phone specifically because it ran on Verizon towers and included roaming on U.S. Cellular-- a hard feature to find on an MVNO. That particular advantage was not detailed anywhere in Tracfone documentation.

Yup I hardly used my tracphone last couple years so I amassed over 6000 minutes 6000 texts 7 gb data. Now after freedompop and cell nuvo crapped out I can now use tracfone on verizon. Redpocket is a good company too. Used to use cellnuvo to pay redpocket bill but moved on from that. Try swappa for a galaxy s6 or lg g5. Usually good buys there. GL

Hi Again KentE & Mark, and thanks for your thoughtful replies.
Allotment-wise, what has been true for us with the number of elderly family members is that we use a little, then something happens & we use ALOT for a while - hence my reluctance to get tied into a yearly total amount.
One roadside event or need to go stay with an ailing relation would eat that up pretty fast.

As to device sources, we got a very nice Kyocera for use with Twigby from C7 Device Recycle, and I looked there when this matter came to mind, but their site has no devices at all right now - which seems quite odd.

At any event I heard directly from one of our fine friends from here & an older, but quite usable phone is actually already upon its way to us - so when the moment arrives to get 100% done with TF...that should work out fine.

Thanks Folks !!

Yeah, I don't know what happened with C7Recycle-- I've also noticed the small, stagnant inventory. I don't know whether their supplier has gone elsewhere, or? They were a pleasure to deal with when I bought a couple of phones there.

Et_Z, I know you're in an area with large zones where only one carrier functions. You're absolutely right that a nice "emergency allotment" of minutes can get eaten up quickly if that emergency occurs. I had to refill my old Tracfone far too often when I depended on it daily, and it became not such a good deal for me as a primary phone. It's still the cheapest way for me to keep some Verizon backup service, though.

Like Mark, I've been building up units that I don't use-- and I could use it as a primary phone if needed.

Good to hear from you ET It has been a while. I am in the opposite camp. I use very little phone service most of the time, but when an emergency comes along, having 1200 minutes + or- available rather than just a small monthly allotment is a nice pad. It gives me the minutes and days I need to to be able to make other arrangements. Just my 2 cents.

You both , and any else who took the deal, definitely win the most frugal cellphone service award. Just when I think I have the cheapest plan you come out reminding me I have much to learn.

Hello Again Folks !!
As has been said - it was like $10 for ~2-1/2 years - an almost unbelievable bit of good fortune.

And...all during that time - just about zero usage...
That was until illnesses & multiple deaths amongst the elders caused a BIG usage spike, enough so we even had to increase our plans at Twigby as well, temporarily.

The good news in all this is that having 500/all as well as our easy-to-change Twigby services will be more than enough unless & until some other big stuff comes along, and IIRC, adding extra to a Redpocket line is relatively painless & very different from buying TF refills.

Also - as KentE so wisely pointed out;
For us, the most wonderful thing in CDMA-land is having the Verizon backup which allows us to have way more coverage than just the Redpocket/AT&T alone can do.

Even with all the silly dead zones around here we'll take it over city living, any day !!

This is a reply to make a generic (but HUGE !!) thanks to the wonderful member here who generously gave us a retired phone:

Thank You !!!

Also, this must get an award for the most carefully (lovingly ?) packaged up cute little box - EVER !!

This is exactly the sort of wonderful gift one must appreciate at the start of one's day;
Checking the mail to find such a treasure waiting inside the mailbox.
Set the tone for the entire day in a beautiful way.

Thanks !!!

This is the kind of thing. That makes this community so great.

I have had similar asks of kindness bestowed on me. Sometimes it was just someone's time to help me.

It was very nice of you to give a public thank you

Thanks for sharing this with us, there are some genuinely kind people still out there!