Need Help with CBS All Access on a Laptop

With CBS All Access on a laptop (not on a phone) - is it possible to download shows for later off-line viewing?

I am helping an elderly couple who watch CBS All Access on their laptop. They would like to download the shows so they can watch them offline. I set them up with the Commercial-Free subscription that allows downloading.

I myself have no experience with CBS All Access so I have been fiddling around trying to help them download shows using a laptop. I was able to download using a phone, but can't find a way to download when signed in on a laptop.

Any help anyone can provide is much appreciated. Thank you.

According to CBS all access, one can download programs on both phones and tablets(but nothing said about laptops), so maybe laptops are a problem. What OS is on their laptop? Evidently, W10 has available its own CBS all access app. From what I've read, there should be a download icon within the program one is watching or wants to download, but maybe W10's CBS app won't allow downloads.

"What are the requirements for using Download & Play with CBS All Access?
You need to be using a mobile device (phone or tablet) running a recent version of iOS or Android and must be using at least version 6.0 of the CBS app. Download & Play is a premium feature so you must also have a Commercial Free subscription to CBS All Access."

"CBS All Access's Android and iOS apps allow you to download episodes for offline viewing, a capability it shares with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and several others. CBS's implementation works similarly to others: Just hit the Download icon next to any episode."

With a Chromebook, maybe you can download the CBS Google Apps and download your shows that way.

There may be "free" Android emulators for PC, but I would be concerned about malware, etc.

Bluestacks is a free and reliable Android emulator.

Install it on a Windows laptop and then the Android version of the CBS app and they should be good to go.

I'll be darned, the OS on their laptop is Linux Mint. I was using their laptop and never realized it wasn't a Windows laptop. I was accessing CBS All Access on the laptop using Firefox (the videos wouldn't run on their Chrome browser even though the latest version of Chrome is installed). The shows played without a problem in Firefox. It was only the downloading of the shows that is a problem, and that's what they want to do so as to watch the shows offline.

No, they don't have access to a Chromebook. Is there an Android emulator for the Linux Mint OS?

I downloaded one episode to my Android phone but I wasn't able to transfer the download to their laptop because it's a weird file format that appears to only be compatible with the CBS app. It also said something about the download expiring but I can still try this route, if anyone here has any ideas on how to transfer downloads from my phone to their laptop.

Thank you for your suggestions, and please keep them coming.

Somewhat OT but...
As of a few days ago TURKEY worked to add a free month for a current CBS AA ad free account.


From Google search, it may be possible to run 'genymotion' Android emulator in Oracle 'VirtualBox' on Linux Mint.

I have the same issue with CBS AA in Chrome on my Mac. My solution is to change 'User agent' to 'Firefox - Mac' in 'Developer Tools' -> 'Network conditions'.

I stared at that way too long trying to make sense of it before I remembered there are people who would rather use Chrome than Firefox.

Latest code for a free month is FEAST