Mystery Solved

Science has finally solved one of the eternal mysteries of humankind ( at least since we've been wearing shoes with shoestrings ). This problem has baffled me for years, and I have tripped a few times because of it. Science | AAAS :dry:

Thanks for posting on this issue which affects laced-shoe wearers across the globe.

I have had the same issue for years while exercising. Either risk the lace becoming untied or tie it so tightly one gets corns.

There is also the "Ian Knot."

Here is a great opportunity for Apple and its partner Nike--the iPed-a device that works with your shoe through your Watch or iPhone to automatically adjust tension for maximum effectiveness and foot safety in a given environment from a casual stroll to a marathon. Just tell Siri what you have planned before putting on the shoes and you will be all set.

***A knotty subject indeed.

The inventor of the "Granny" knot must have been a dictator, for why would mankind adopt the global use of such an inferior knot for so many years. Though one must admit the "Granny" knot is somewhat beneficial in that one gets exercise when bending over to retie one's shoelaces a few times each day.

I became aware of the "Ian Knot" a few years ago, but have not been able to master the trick of tying my shoes with this method. There appears to be some slight of hand required, a requirement that I have been unable to learn thus far.

Marathon runners must have solved, at least intuitively, the coming untied problem years ago in that one never sees these runners stopping to tie their shoes. During the 26 mile Olympic Marathon ( about the distance I move in a year ), I have never seen a runner stop to tie his or her shoes, nor seen a runner lose the race because of a shoe coming off.

If Steve Jobs had lived longer, he most certainly would have created an app to solve this universal shoelace error. Given that Mr. Jobs went around barefoot much of the time in his youth, but was later required to wear shoe due to his position at Apple, I'm sure he was aware of the shoelace problem.

It's high time that mankind consign shoelaces to the dustbin of history, and by doing so improve the lot of untold numbers of elderly people who have back problems( probably caused by years of bending over to tie shoelaces) and cannot bend over to tie their shoelaces.

Actually, modern manufacturing has provided an effective low-tech interim solution to this problem which has been around at least since the time of Ötzi.

In fact, it may even be possible that a badly-tied shoelace prevented him from escaping from his killer. The leading cold case detective is currently reviewing this murder and may be able to shed light on that aspect once the investigation has begun.

For the longer term, there may be a role for the Federal government in dealing with this issue. Since the scientists have established that it is energy related, probably the best thing to do would be to set up OOPS (Office Of Podiatric Security) under Secretary Perry since he was the first politician to mention this on TV.

*** Thanks for the informative link. Since, however, it written by the comedian Steven Wright ( Steven Wright - Google Search ) some of the article should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt.

I,ve had a pair of shoes with the lacelock thingy , but my shoes always feel funny. Besides, if they are so great, why don't all professional athletes use them?

Concerning Otzi, I do believe he died with his shoes tightly tied, and some animal came along and untied one of them about 4,000 years ago, which I believe will be born out with further investigation. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, apart from the fact that it was an excellent place to preserve his body for posterity.

And concerning energy guru Mr. Perry, I cannot think of a better person to oversee an office called OOPS.

What a cute & fun thread !!
(Not to be a spoilsport or the like, I simply must state the obvious...Velcro...or...Birkenstocks !!)