My original phone number has been restored!

I got an e-mail from Support this afternoon telling me that my numbers would be back soon (I have had 331 area code numbers like all of you for a while). My data, texts, and calls all stopped working about an hour ago. I tried rebooting my phones and then realized I probably needed to do a carrier reset (##72786#). I did that and my original number is back on my line! I am so happy. I tested a text and call and they both worked. No data for some reason, but I had to do a factory reset last time to get my data working (Moto G4), so I'm guessing that will be the case again.


Side note: This only worked on one of my lines... the carrier rest on the other now shows "Unknown" under the phone number.

Wow! So happy for you!

UPDATE: The second line is now working properly, apparently I did not wait long enough after the carrier reset for the number to show up in the IMEI settings. That line even has data, unlike my first one.

Regarding the line without data, maybe someone can help me out here--

Under SIM status the phone with working data under the "Cellular network type" shows as LTE, but the non-functioning line shows CDMA - eHRPD. My cellular network settings for that line are set on LTE preferred network type, but I guess that isn't working. Does anyone with more cellular network knowledge than me know what's going on here? A factory reset last typed fixed my data because the APN settings were wrong, but both phone's APN settings are identical now. Any help would be appreciated... thank you.

I would install that app that lets you delete all APNs and then do the 72786 reset.

This will make the phone reactivate on the network as if it is doing it for the first time.

I'd also set the preferred cellular network setting to the default or try changing it to see what happens.

Unfortunately that app doesn't work with Moto G4's... I guess if changing defaults doesn't work that I'll probably do another factory reset.

Factory reset did not fix it... still says CDMA - eHRPD under the Cellular network type and no data.

You should ask Red Pocket to look into it.

Did you request something,or they automatically sent you email on numbers restore?

So not for everyone yet? Strange

Mine is still showing Chicago number

I've been in e-mail communication with Tom/Support for 2 weeks asking about my lost number. I provided the MIN, MEID, etc. at one point since Ting used that to recover my lost number. I'm sure they'll start rolling it out to other users soon.

Most of us been in email contact with all issues.

Did ting give you your number back or cellnuvo?

Who is your carrier now?

Did you port out?

so party at your place this Sunday to celebrate this?

Ting got my number back when RingPlus collapsed. I ported that number to CellNuvo in March and experienced the outage just like all of you. When have I ever indicated I have a new carrier? I had a 331 area code like everyone else and now I have my original numbers. I never attempted a port out.

Ok I remember a bunch of people tried to port at the start of this mess

Seems cellnuvo has been busy.

I got a push today and my texts are back. Still no data

I only have data on one line, I will continue waiting this out now and hopefully get Red Pocket support help once Tom/Support indicate what to do with silver/whatever.

Well that is positive indicators.

We all hope that they can attach account to redpocket.

Most people want their numbers back.

Some of us went to google voice after r+ mess.

First cellnuvo needs to restore numbers then service. Then do everything else

I got my number back this morning. Woo hoo. But I'm still unable to earn silver with the app.. :frowning:

Just to be sure, you have called your original number from another phone and received that call on the device it originally was linked to? This isn't just your original number showing up on the CN app?

No one else has reported receiving an email about this so perhaps your case is different. Would you mind sharing that email? Was it a reply to an email that you sent them?

I was in touch with Tom/Support for several weeks and provided the info you did then "Support" got snarky and stopped communicating.

Something is indeed happening.

On one line my original number is back, but no credit added so cannot call, text or use data. However my MDN and a new MIN are added so its real. Also original number does not show active on RP website, and attempting to call out gets the RP IVR. CV app is correct and silver is adding. I did email support about this number yesterday and they said they were working on it and would get back to me, but then the weekend happened. Hopefully fixed early next week.

The other line is still active on a 331 number. CV app is correct (original number) and silver is adding.