After getting UK freedompop sims, to access my account, I logged in at instead of

I only just realized that I can log in at for my US sims as well. It's a much better website to use.

Am I late to the realization that is the better website?

Yes. I've been using it for awhile.

There are a few things better about the old page but in general I like the new page more.

There are things I like better about the old site. But there is more to the my. site.

I like to old site better. If the account is suspend, it will show a red banner on the top, nowhere on the new site tells it's suspend or any reasons it stops.
The new site tells how much data you use, the old site tells how many is left ( that's what I care about).

I manage and pay for 4 phone accounts and 1 gateway account. The new site does not show detailed voice, text and data usage after February of 2017 (Today is 2017 Oct 29.). I created a ticket in an attempt to find an explanation for this issue.

2017 Nov 2 Update: The issue still exists on the new site, after a few exchanges of information with Customer Service. On the positive side, I am again able to go to and view current plan period and recent plan periods Talk, Text and Data usage. This after being directed to the new site when entering the above URL, for a few days. I requested that this method of viewing recent usage remain available until the new site is fixed.

2017 Nov 25 Update: The Usage display issue has been resolved on the new site. now always redirects the user to the new site. Data Usage now shows the small amount of Data that is used continuously when Mobile Data is enabled and the phone is in Standby mode. This small amount of data usage can be stopped, by disabling Mobile Data, when WiFi is available.

A remaining major issue is the user interface for Services. The user is not able to view details of the services. I am paying $5.99 monthly for 'FreedomPop Premium VIP Service' which lists the following two benefits:
(>) Direct telephone access to FreedomPop experts
(>) Assistance with any internet or phone problem
I am not able to expand either of the 2 benefits that this service is said to provide. With the old site, the phone number to call would be displayed when the benefit was expanded. When I discussed the need for a phone number to call for help, via a Support Ticket, I was told to call the phone number associated with the phone. Since I have the 'Visual Voicemail' Service, calling the phones number results in a call to Voicemail. I had to search the Community to find a Support number to call.

Another phone that I manage has a bundle of 13 services. When using the 'MyFreedomPop' app, via the phone, to attempt to see the benefits for these 13 services, all I can see is '(>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>) (>)' of which none can be expanded. When logged in to 'My Freedompop', I can at least see an overview of the 13 services, but again, the details (such at the phone number to call for the 'FreedomPop Premium Support') can not be viewed.

On the Google Play store site, the 'MyFreedomPop' app has 1637 reviews, 578 one star and 513 five star!!!!!

The design of the new site is definitely better. However there are always questions.

Did anyone downgrade thru the new site yet? The old site has a bug never fixed (downgrade service needs to be run 2-3 times).
Is there still the same issue on the new site. Anyone can confirm this? I used to use the old overview site to perform the second downgrade.

The friend request is not as straight forward. On the old site once I log in I can see the friend requests immediately on the notification panel.
On the new site, I need to enter the friends menu and check the requests.
Same for data give/get function, I need to go to the friends section to check under the friend names.
I intended to transfer some data between accounts however was denied. The receiver account definitely didn't get 500mb in total yet. Not sure what is wrong.

Anyone can confirm the port-out PIN, cancel account function are working as intended?

I hope the old site is still available as we pretty much figured out what are the bugs and how to work around.
I didn't use the new site that much, hope there will be less bugs. But we all know FP is tricky...

Good point about the downgrade issues ZZWang (and all of your points, really).
The downgrade confirmation I've used as definitive was a 'hack' that worked on the old site. ('hack' only in the sense that you had to enter a URL directly that wasn't available via any link on the page.) I have no idea whether it works on the new site.

The new site's menu has an item called overview itself. You can directly dg from the overview or from plans and services individually. Pretty simple.

Well that is not what we mean.
We are not sure if the downgrade function on this new site (overview page) really works or not.
If it doesn't work from this new site, then we will not be able to remove those premium services. and I am not sure if that hacking site exists any more.
We will be able to tell after one month or so when people starts reporting.

I think the 'hack' was necessary because for the SIMs, the "Overview" link was missing from the dashboard. (It was there for Bring-Your-Own-Sprint-Device.) The confirmation could only be seen by logging into your account, and then manually entering (or copy/pasting)

Trying to enter that URL after logging in now only loops back to the same my.freedompop start page, labeled "Overview".

We can hope that the new starting page is accurate, but I agree that only time (and possible aggravation) will tell.

(EDIT: to add: For those who aren't familiar with the issue, the old FreedomPop dashboard would let you go through the steps to properly downgrade an account to the free plan, and all indicators on the dashboard would show that you had stopped the limited-time-free trials of additional services and upgraded plans. But the billing system did not always reflect these downgrades, and you might be charged each month for plans & services that you had already cancelled. The 'hack' was necessary to confirm that the requested downgrades had actually taken place in the billing system.)

The only auto top up option I see in the my.freedompop account is one that says auto top up if balance falls under $15.

There used to be an option that was something like autotop up if you use up all your data/ allotments. The usual advice was to switch it off. Has that option gone now? Last time I used it my sim went all the way up to 695mb and I manually had to stop to prevent use over my 700mb limit. I had turned off autopay a long time ago. It used to be that with auto top up off you would get cut off at 600mb instead - at least that is what I thought...

On the new site, took me a while to find how to reactivate an expired credit balance that I paid to turn off auto-top up or whatever it was called. It expires every 90 days.

For anyone that might want to know go to Billing >Click on Credit Balance "tab" in the History section, then at very bottom of page is the "reactivate" button.