My favorite short survey question

Some ads are followed immediately by a 1 or 2 question survey after playing.

I've seen this one lately following Dave & Busters.....

What is your gender?
I'd rather not say.


I'm not sure what they can do with the data they're accumulating from this one......

Put me down for a "Yes", Kent.



Clarification of my above post: no to gender, yes to sex.

Maybe it's there just to see how many people pay attention to the questions, and how many answer it quickly without reading it carefully just to be done with it, and how many people do and do not answer it. It could be a trick survey, or a nonsense survey. I wonder how many people answer it, or not.

Well, if a lot of people don't answer it.....
I'll fill out a survey for each of you who provides responses here, as opportunities exist.

Yes to More short surveys for 100-275 silvers. Yes, I do answer the surveys as best as I can. I figure the more useful answers we give, the more companies are encouraged to offer us more surveys. My fav survey is about humidifier. Easy, quick, and 250 silver I believe once finished answering few questions.