Mustang James

There's provenance and there's certified provenance. The sale of this 1968 Mustang came with the claim that the dead owner's remains would be included as part of the bargain. Wow! What first comes to mind is that James must have been sent to a bargain basement cremation service, for receiving a loved one's ashes back in a canning jar would be a good way to keep costs down, something that hadn't occurred to me. Yet when looking at the contents of that canning jar, I couldn't help but think that the contents look a lot like unused dried up rubbing compound, which by the looks of the car, could very well be the case. So I suppose a DNA test of the stuff would be necessary to determine if the pink powder in the jar is actually James, rubbing compound or whatever, assuming that DNA can be extracted from human ash. Anyway, would a canning jar full of an owner's ashes really increase the value of a 1968 Mustang?