Must subscribe to FP Safety Mode service @4.99 per month to disable Top-up now

I upgraded one of my Global sim to LTE sim but the top-up setting did not get transferred. The Global sim had top-up disabled. However after the transfer I noticed the top-up for LTE sim was enabled. So I asked FP and this is the reply I received:

[b]To disable Top Ups, you must have the FreedomPop Safety Mode service, it includes:

*An additional 500MB for the remainder of your current plan cycle
*A 10% boost on your plan data every plan cycle
*Disable Automatic Top-up at any time without the $15 credit application
*Never pay for an overage when Automatic Top-up is disabled
*Control you data speeds whenever and wherever you are

This is at a rate of $4.99 per month and it is a really good deal if you want to keep control of the overage in your account.

If you wish to disable auto top up after logging into your account please do the following:

Step 1: Log into your account at and click on Manage Settings.
Step 2: From here, click on the Credit Balance section.
Step 3: Use the toggle to disable the Top Up feature.
Step 4: You will encounter a pop up for the Safety Mode service, if it is not already added to your account.[/b]

So, probably cheaper over the course of a few months to just put in a credit balance, & watch your usage, including letting it go over a wee bit from time to time, than paying $4.99 / month, every month.

Here is screen shot that shows it's $4.99 per month.

If you click outside of that popup the disable button will stay disabled and the popup dissappears. But if you go back in later and check it will turn its self back on. Not sure if auto top up is actully turned off using this method.

I doubt it.

Hm... Did they change the terms? Step 2 shows quarterly.

So does this mean you'd get 200 MB plus 500 MB friends bonus plus 500 MB safety mode service bonus data, with no risk of going over every month for $4.99 per month?

"FreedomPop offers a new service called Safety Mode for $4.99 per month. With this service, you will get a one time addition of 500MBs of data -- added immediately to your account -- plus an additional 10% of data each month. You can also enable or disable Top Ups at any time."

Hm... first paragraph says $4.99 per month...

And... It does read like that you would get 200MB + 500MB friends + 500MB bonus + bonus of 20MB (10% of the plan data for a free plan) ...

So very much like the old 1200MB free previously, but now it cost $5/mo.

hmmm..... right you are. The page has conflicting information about the recurring nature of the charge.

The 500MBs of data is a "one time addition", which to me means it happens only on the first month, and not on any subsequent month.

So how do the sellers on Ebay downgrade everything for you before they mail you the sim? I bought one recently for about 6.50 and it already had all the freedom friends and auto top up off and downgraded to the free plan.

They were probably legacy plans before the change. It is not unusual for full-time ebay sellers to have quite the stash of those to sell.

The one I got off of eBay turned out to actually be FP employee. I suspect that's how in my case at least.