Mr number

I thought mr. Number was free? It is$ 2.99 a month?

Any other suggestions?

I reinstalled the previous version and it still seems to be working okay for free.

Try the "Stop Call Me" App from Playstore. It's free! Has ability block all calls except numbers on contact list. Those calls that are blocked go straight to your voicemail without ringing the phone!

Also for iPhone?

is there a premium version?

Mr. Number FAQ: Android

[i]"What is Mr. Number Premium for Android?

We are slowly rolling out this new feature. You might not see the update for this now but you will sometime soon.

Mr. Number Premium is our new subscription service that complements our free offering without taking away the core free features that our users have come to love and rely on.

What do users get on Mr. Number Premium?

Premium users will enjoy:
- The ability to automatically block Nuisance (telemarketer etc.) and Scam and Fraud calls and send them to voicemail.
- Reverse lookup of numbers belonging to individual people. You can now do a reverse search for number without having the number on the call log.
- Ability to identify numbers that belong to individual people. Lookups for numbers that belong to individual people will only be available for Mr. Number Premium users.

Users will be able to sign up for a 7 day free trial, after which they will be automatically subscribed at $2.99 USD a month or $14.99 USD a year.

What about free users?

Free users will continue to receive incoming call Nuisance and Fraud detection and alerts.

Free users will also still have access to all of the spoof and blocking protection settings in the block list. Including the ability to block by country code, area code, or prefix.

Free users will also continue to enjoy caller IDs and unlimited free lookups for Nuisance and Fraud numbers as well as numbers that we know belong to a business. (There will be some business numbers that we do not yet know are businesses.)

Lookups for numbers that belong to individual people will only be available for Mr. Number Premium users.

Free users will also still be able to access the Block all calls not from Contacts feature in Call Settings."[/i]

Hiya is the same app but has the free option still.

Apparently there is a premium version now. What used to be free now cost.

In the hiya app you get a free version and an in app option to upgrade to the premium version with added features. Mr Number only seems to have the premium version now.

I don't know if the premium features used to be free or not? but the free version should be fine for most people.

Confusing. Posted above there is a free Mr number version. ???.

I'm a longtime Mr. Number user and the premium options used to be included in the free options.

Go to and install a previous version to continue to enjoy those benefits for free.

Is there an app that works with Google Voice numbers? Meaning - is there an app that blocks calls from everyone other than your contacts -- for a GV number? That would be cool for a FreedomPop Sprint phone where I only use a GV number.

You can configure GV to ring only from contacts (Assumption: device synced with Google Contacts or manually imported).

Legacy Google Voice -> Settings -> Groups


First step: Uncheck all destinations in Google Voice and Legacy Google Voice settings.

Second step: Legacy Google Voice -> Settings -> Groups, override the default no ring for "All Contacts".

If confused, follow this tutorial someone else wrote up:


According to Bluescat :
"That solution is incorrect, and it will no longer work. The Legacy 'Groups' settings only control forwarding to conventional PSTN phone numbers, not to VoIP clients." block calls not from contacts - Google Voice Community

@peterquinn If your GV is forwarding to FP# (or other PSTN#), above solution should still work. Else, see below.

Alternative solution presented by William Croft:
[i]"Bluescat, thanks.

For geeks here using the Tasker app, there is a way to do this by Tasker triggering on the temporary notification that GV puts up during the call ringing. The Tasker profile below detects whether the incoming call is in Contacts, and presses the Decline button if no. Works great.

Profile: GVoiceContactsOnly (28)
Event: AutoNotification Intercept [ Configuration:Event Behaviour: true
Notification Type: Only Created Notifications
Notification App: Voice
Notification Title: .*[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9].* (regex)
Notification Text: Incoming call.* (regex)
Package Name: (exact)
Get All Fields : true ]
Enter: Decline (29)
A1: AutoNotification Actions [ Configuration:Button Text: Decline (exact) Timeout (Seconds):20 ]

So on a call in Contacts, Title field has their name (no digits), and Text field shows phone number.
If NOT in Contacts, Title field has their number and Text field shows City or Area.
In both cases the Text field begins with 'Incoming call...', to distinguish from other GV notifications.

If anyone would like an Import-able version of this that can be installed in Tasker, let me know. Export / Import format is in XML and quite a bit longer. So I did not post here. This profile requires both Tasker and the Tasker plugin called AutoNotification."[/i] block calls not from contacts - Google Voice Community

Hey thanks for the detailed post, KentE. Don't know if I'll go to all that trouble though - I tend to be a wuss when it comes to messing with Google Voice settings! My mantra with GV is - don't try to fix GV unless it's totally broken.