Monkey Business? Oh, deer!

Star Wars monkeys? Probably not. A long, long, time ago I learned about the Tungus people of Siberia whose way of life is centered and dependent upon deers: the reindeer. But they, as far as I know, did not partake of the monkey behavior ("successful heterospecific consortships") described in the linked article. What an amazing animal kingdom.

"If the deer avoided the interaction, "the female monkeys often displayed sexually motivated tantrums which consisted of crouching on the ground, body spasms and screaming, while gazing at the deer," the study found."

That made me laugh. I don't know why .............

Well, it's well known that monkeys and humans exhibit several similar traits, but, at least in my particular case, I have never experienced this humourous behavior exhibited by the monkeys. But there is always tomorrow.

Since you're a movie buff, I wonder if they called the female monkey "Alex"?

I'm not what one would call a movie buff, but I like to think I know a good movie when I see one. Being rather highbrow, I usually don't see many movies with monkeys in them or movies with with females called "Alex". That said, there was one movie from many years past, that I, and only a few others, thought would turn out to be a groundbreaking work, and that movie, "Flashdance" did turn out to be a pioneering work, and the main character was "Alex" a female. But she was a welder, not a monkey.

Oh-- I totally forgot about that Alex. She was humorous in a strange sort of way. But then comparing the monkey's behavior to her's would be an insult to the monkey, saying it was in need of psychiatric help. The movie was criticized some for it's portrayal of mental illness, but I do suppose it cured a few men of their "wandering eye syndrome". I've never had to worry much about someone being fatally attracted to me. But there's always tomorrow. What was the name of that fatally attracted female astronaut from a few years back who was much like Alex from the film? Lisa, that's it.

That's some mugshot!

I liked Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons. She scared me in fatal attraction. Shows what a good actress she is.

eta: She was Oscar nominated in both of those movies. She has 6 nominations in total and no wins. 3 as supporting actress and 3 as lead actress. She probably needed more movie roles of the quality of those two to secure the award. Hopefully she'll get a lifetime award.

I agree that she's been one of the best for many years. Unfortunately the academy awards means little when it picks one person who is the best, but it is a good at showcasing and appreciating the best artistic achievements in movies over the years. As expressed by many actors, the SAG awards, or being recognized by one's peers is more important than being recognized by the AA people. But one can bank on an academy award for quite some time.

Animal narcissists ?!? Animal cluster Bs ?!?
(Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My !!!)

As some say, it takes all kinds to make a world---but maybe they are overcomplicating things.