Is anyone able to send / receive MMS with FreeUp? I have unsuccessfully tried with a couple different FU sims on the free plan. Talk/Text/Data all work just fine. I contacted support via email - they said I was out of data, but I show i have 97 MBs left and haven't used data for a couple days. I contacted FU via phone, they said it shows on their end my MMS bucket is 0 and was going to contact IT. I've double checked the APN settings. Can anyone confirm they have successfully sent/recieved a MMS with FU on any plan?

I have sent and received MMS to several other numbers, even with zero data remaining. Android.

If you have an iPhone then you are likely out of luck. MMS with iPhones on "most" AT&T MVNOs does not work. iMessage will work, but it will not work to non-Apple devices.

If you have an android, post your APN settings.

Android - Essential Phone. I've attached a screenshot of my APN settings. Appreciate anything you can see that needs to be changed.

Above the APN : PRODATA field there should be the first field, which is "Name: FreeUP Mobile", and it's missing from your screenshot. All else looks good. You put in the "FreeUP Mobile" in the name field yourself.

Your "APN type" has a typo, but I do not think that is it. Should be "default,mms,supl".

I suggest deleting the APN and adding a new one back in. Something might be corrupt.

Thanks all. I've confirmed it is something with my account, not my phone. I took a FU sim from a family member's phone (who can send/receive MMS) and swapped sims. MMS for the family member's sim works on both phones, whereas MMS doesn't work with my sim on either phone.