Might make sense to port to Ting

I already initiated a port to Tello. For that line, I ignored Ting because we're low users apart from data so don't want to be spending $10 a month on non data charges including the $6 per line charge.

But with the $35 credit and the referral system, which Ting have said will stack, it looks like it could be a good move.

I suggest you wait to see what the R+ offer is before deciding exactly what to do, but if your top ups are less than $35, then this is what I would suggest.

  1. Get a referral code
  2. Create a Ting account and port a line from R+
  3. This should get you $25 referral credit plus $35 R+ port bonus into Account 1
  4. Refer yourself to another email
  5. Open another Ting account and port your next line from R+
  6. This should get you a $50 referral for first time referral into your first account so $110 balance on Account 1, and $35 + $25 on Account 2.
  7. Repeat step 4 if you have more lines to transfer from R+

Credits of $60 or $85 or $110 or more should give you a minimum of two months or more of free service on Ting.

OK, here is how I see this panning out...please correct this if it seems off here:

For us, Twigby - $24/mo = $288/yr....Tello $26/mo = $312/yr...Ting $35/mo = $420/yr;
That's a big spread in pricing for very similar allotments.

The math looks like this=> 420 - 288 = 132 difference between Twigby & Ting.
Twice $60 is $120 from that $132 difference;
So, even if we can get $60 per 2 accounts in credit for a year, it is still $12 more with the main benefit being the included roaming that both seem to offer - and if we'd stay there it really goes up after that !!

An aside:
Even if Ting generously credits our $83 in existing top-up at rp, it still only offsets part of the costs that 1st year for their higher priced deals - and they are a very new/young company besides.

Tello is sort of off the map for us as it does not seem to have the verizon roaming included nor any significant offers from them right now;
30% off for a month or 5% recurring is not enough compared with the other, better deals.

Another strange sort of hang-up for me is that over our 8+ months with rp nothing ever got us to really trust them for lots of reasons - so;
The fact that they are going to dump us all onto Ting (unless we port out 1st on our own...) is looking like a warning sign right now, and doubly so because Ting is the highest priced of the 3 options we are considering.

Also worthy of note is that it now looks like Cellnuvo (which has a 'free' plan with a $29 activation fee is going to waive that silly, high fee for us rp refugees - I emailed them & just waiting to hear back to decide whether to try that as well as one of the others.

So, as posted in my thread here - lest something REALLY good change in all of the above, Twigby still beats Ting.

Is any of this way off, or what ?!?


Twigby or Tello all the way. Ting is no match.

Your way on as usual. Tello for me. R+ arrow to Ting is a red flag for sure.

Phew. Thank you !!

It seems that low cost is your driver.

So maybe Cellnuvo is worth trying especially if they drop that $29 activation fee.

Note that on the Google Play store, their app only has 100-500 downloads. But I guess it can't hurt to try it on one of your phones.

Another note on Ting. The first referral from Ting is worth $50. After that, each referral is $25.

So if you're willing to do the work on cellnuvo to earn credit, would subsidizing your Ting cost through referrals now and again on Ting be a possible alternative?

The good news is that Ting, Twigby and Tello have no entry or exit costs. They seem to be free or discounted for the first month, and seem to have good self service systems.

So I say try them all!

There is seldom any data coverage in our entire region, so:

So - even if we liked using phones to browse & other data type stuff (which we do not) - it is mostly impossible around here for many, many, many miles in most directions.

Therefore we only really need voice & SMS services for our 2 main CDMA former RP phones.
Already started the ports to Twigby for those.

As to Cellnuvo and/or 'work' - our spare phone gets little usage, and any cheapie service will be somewhat 'self-service' anyhow - and since I do that stuff as a sort of hobby - its OK with me to try as long as the risks are very low.

We are looking at ditching $83 in top-ups by leaving RP as the rp2ting idea does not truly work out number-wise for us non-data users who do not need unlimited anything;
That is enough financial risk for this past year & if I risk $29 to start 2017 that is not so bad as long as it doesn't get any worse than that.

Cellnuvo-I reckon you are better off signing up for a bunch of independent survey and money making sites like swagbucks or instagc. Even search on bing to earn credit for amazon gift cards. Check out www.reddit.com/r/beermoney Then just spend the equivalent of what you earn to pay for Tello or something and not worry about meeting cell nuvo requirements.

Ting does not make any sense to me at all.

I am willing to lose my RP top ups, because Ting is quite expensive. With 4 lines in my family, we will lose $160 in top ups. Most of us are light users. Tello has the cheapest options for light users (pay as you go). I also like Tello's a la carte options: a voice plan, and then pay-as-you-go for text, and maybe the bottomless 2g.

I am going to use Tello as my main line. I will sign up only for unlimited voice ($15/mo). None of the other service providers have cellular unlimited voice at this price. (I am looking at other options for data (probably a mobile hotspot).)

But, yeah, Ting makes no sense at all.

Hi girl, as to the hotspot idea, look up 4gc lte and you will win. You can use hangouts with the pocket wifi.

I was wrong & didn't even see it - 'till now.
Ting. Yep. Here's why for anyone curious enough to look:
Much to my own surprise I've finally seen a detail I was missing=>
Their sliding billing - I just didn't get it 'till now !!

Since it is NOT a fixed pricing scale - the only fixed charge is the $6/line per month - which is a bit discomforting, BUT:
With all their good bonuses - the porting + the referral alone will give the user 10 months of that for free with no other usages...

Now add in the $35/line top-up credits & altogether it can be free for quite a while.

So shame on me after saying I didn't want to use it - I was being kinda stoopid was all - my bad.

Ported out to Ting just today & it went through incredibly fast. Really - like...zoomed to there.
It has a great UI & features;
VERY easy on the user (I really like being able to have busy & no answer call forwarding & to have VM shut off so that any missed calls go to my GV VM !!)

So, ultimately it DOES come across as pricier than the others - and we are using some others too as posted in other threads here - and we already like those just fine too - but we can use up our higher top-ups this way then just port out whenever the cost starts adding up for it, if/when we may need to.

Sorry to have miscomprehended your billing Ting, I'm better now.

PS - I hope it is OK to post this here - if not, I apologize:
Any referral greatly appreciated=>

[hungryghost edit - referral links not allowed here]

I now have $85 credit in my Ting account.

Believe it or not, back in 2015, the account opening bonus was $100, so the $35 masquerading as R+ top up transfer is actually pitiful.