Middle class

Where do you fall under?

Let's just say I fell into one of the embarrassing categories.

@PEW, I'm impressed with all the surveys you have completed over the years. Your income must be way up there in the upper class, as long as you are getting royalties for every hit on the internet when folks check them out. :slight_smile:

Levity aside, while income is certainly one way to determine how well off you are, another, possibly more accurate aspect to consider is your net worth, i.e., your total financial assets minus liabilities. For those of us in "embarrassing income categories", that might offer some consolation.

I guess our philosophy here at House of Diedrich aligns with someone's (can't remember whose) famous quote, "It ain't what you earn, it's what you keep."

Thanks again for all "your" surveys and please keep 'em coming!

Democrats think I'm rich and need to pay more taxes.

Republicans think I'm poor and need to pay more taxes.

Yep. I'm middle class.