Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone.

This is the time to be thankful for family and friends.

And hope this God awful covid19 disappears from this planet.

Please also spare a moment to think of those less fortunate than yourselves.

The hundreds of thousands who have perished at home and abroad. Their families including children. The millions unemployed. Those who have lost or are losing their businesses. Those who have been evicted or are facing eviction, including children.

I am grateful to have been spared from such horror and grateful that there are scientists and medical professionals around the world dedicated to saving lives.

I am also grateful for every single person who made sure we don't have to suffer the orange Mussolini after January 20 2021. Together with the vaccine, this is the biggest positive thing that has happened in the world in the last 4 years.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!
I'm grateful for the help I've received in this forum, the sharing of knowledge, and the long-distance friendship.

It's a quiet day here, but I'm okay with that.
My SO is working today at the hospital lab. She took small presents for her co-workers, and I'm taking care of some 'honey do' projects and hoping I can figure out how to make a special treat for supper....

A little later, I'll deliver Christmas presents (non-contact) to my godchildren: A Kindle for our goddaughter: we've enjoyed talking about books we're all reading. A tool kit for our godson-- hoping that we can get back to doing some maintenance on his first car when it warms up. (Next oil change, he does it, I watch-- with his own tools. Can't do it, though, until after vaccinations here: he's a freshman at college and not as careful as he needs to be...) I'm REALLY ready for a 'game night'.

A couple of phone calls to people I wish I could see, and a couple of Christmas donations to a friend's church that's been great about ministering to a changing demographic in their area, and providing assistance to those in need during the pandemic.