Meat shortage?

Anyone seeing runs on meat at the local grocery store? Shopped Friday after work and saw sign limiting qty.

I bought a month or so's worth of rice and canned meat last month plus some microwave meals, so definitely not too concerned at this time.

My freezer is always well stocked, whether there's a pandemic or not.

I think many overweight Americans could improve their physical and mental health by water fasting for 48-72 hours between refeeds (and supplementing with electrolytes). This acts both as a way to ration food and improve health.

Some meats have had "limited quantity" buys here for quite a while, including chicken and frozen meat products. There has always been product available, but perhaps not what was on my shopping list. Our menu varies according to what is available.
Our freezer is normally stocked as well, and we've been taking the opportunity to work through some older stock.

I'm on my own for 2 meals/day, and trying to eat older stocks of food that we won't eat for evening meals with one person on a limited diet.
Does anyone have a simple recipe using canned corn, that doesn't taste just like canned corn?

Just don't eat as much meat

That's easy. Make Mexican Street Corn, aka "Corn in a Cup".

It's best made with fresh corn but canned will do.

The link, below, shows pretty much how I make it, with a couple of small adjustments.

  1. I cook the corn in a hot skillet with a little olive oil. A cast iron skillet is even better.

  2. I also add a little cumin.

  3. and I also add some hot sauce.

Other than that, this is how we do it:

I have seen some lately and from what I hear from others many places are placing limits. Our Publix stopped putting limits it seems, as there was no sign when I went out about a week ago and I purchased what I typically use in a month. Maybe with the plants shutting down or their capacity reduced, we will start seeing shortages.

Nothing a little change in diet can't fix (plenty of plant based protein provided there are no allergies to those).

Did someone say Electrolytes? Well, looks like we ARE on track to this...

We have not experienced a shortage of meat.
But there is no rice to be found.
Except on Amazon, and the prices are outrageous.

Premium Rice 15 lbs (NISHIKI Rice 15lbs)

$ 69 99 ($69.99 / Count)
& Free Shipping

Shirakiku Rice, Koshihikari, 15 Pound

$ 52 08

FREE Shipping

Premium Rice 15 lbs (CALROSE Rice 15lbs)

$ 69 99 ($69.99 / Count)
& Free Shipping

Unfortunately, I am out of rice.
But I am not desperate enough to pay these prices.:slight_smile:

Comment on Amazon

Karen Chiu

1.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2020
$50 on Feb, $65 April?! California Rice not imported from Japan
I purchased this rice (15lb) on Feb 2020 for $50, now on April it's $65. Also FYI this is california rice, not imported from Japan. Do not purchase from Amazon. They continue to surge price, all the rice that are high surge now should be banned from Amazon.

DM sent

Too bad thats the case. There are bunches of 20 pound bags here at our local Bravo as well as rice can be found in other places (sometimes difficult). Best of luck!

Any Indian or Asian grocery stores nearby? They usually have good rice inventory.

I'm seeing some listings on Amazon for rice that seems reasonable, but not in the Prime category. Some do include free shipping.


Soteria, do you have a large preference for a particular type of rice? I think I usually see Basmati and Jasmine here locally.

Got a 20 pound bag of rice from the bent can store today...7.99 & there were 5 or 6 still left on the shelf.

Its a bit of a drive to get there - but since I had 4 other stops over that way & gas is cheap right now, WTH.

Lots of goodies there today, like almond butter that is the BJs brand for 6.35 vs. 9.99 at BJs & 2 kinds of jalapeno mustard for .99 each, & quinoa & garlic stuff for .75 - wahoo, well worth the trip !!

Pure capitalism... :frowning:

Flag it, Amazon will deal with these vendors.

No, unfortunately.
I would usually buy a 25 lb bag from the oriental store.
Korean or Japanese, but since we moved there isn't one nearby.
So inconvenient.
Not many asian products are available in the ethnic aisle. :slight_smile:

But I'm just interested in those particular brands.
It's what I grew up eating.
All rice is not the same. lol

We have a military base in our area which usually means plenty of ethnic markets to accommodate them.

I'd really miss not having an Indian market or Asian grocery stores.