MayDay for CDMA Only Phones

Things change.

More info:

I tried to activate my first Android phone on 4/30. It was accepted, but was a struggle to get working at all-- it would not complete hands-free activation. I did finally get voice/text working by manual programming, but couldn't get it to update profile and PRL, so no data. I suppose I could use it for backup, but it still keeps cycling through hands-free attempts every time I power it on.
I'm kind of bummed.

I guess for some of us a trip to the phone recycling bin is in order.

I think I see one of my old flip phones in that pile! Guess I'm fortunate that it's with T-Mobile, which hopefully will continue on GSM after the merger happens. Glad I kept it active on a grandfathered plan -- $10 a year for a whopping total of 1000 minutes or texts, no data (that's the whole allotment for the year) -- but it makes a good backup in case my Tello (Sprint) or FreeUP (AT&T) phones are out of network.

It might be late (conflicting reports re: Sprint Servers) but try this:
connect to wifi, then try update profile, let it sit for a while, many times it needs to do it's background processes to completion or it will fail
after say 5 minutes, if it hasn't automatically updated the PRL then manually update that.
Even before the CDMA sunsetting the WiFi "force update" was the only way to get some phones activated.

Hope it helps.
Good Luck.