Making sure your vote is counted this election

Right now, it is too late to mail in your vote.

To be absolutely sure that your vote will count, vote in person, ideally early.

If you have already mailed in your vote, please follow up to make sure it is ok.

Note that in many states, you can still vote in person if you are worried about what will happen to your mail in vote.

There are 4 reasons why your postal vote may not count:

[i]1) The USPS has been purposefully sabotaged leading to delays, lost ballots, damage.

  1. A technicality eg signature not matching, you submitted a naked ballot etc.

  2. Your ballot does not arrive in time according to your state's requirement.

  3. The Supreme Court retroactively rules on whether your postal vote was valid. This is a distinct possibility outlined in the latest Supreme Court opinions.[/i]

I dropped off my ballot at the voting site. We have the option to vote in person, drop off or mail.

The situation is TX of one drop off box per county is just despicable. At minimum, it should be 1 drop off box at per voting site and number of voting site per county determined by population and spread out.

These students didn't receive their absentee ballots so drove 27 hours / 1300 miles to Texas:

Agreed. A lot of policy decisions and rules about voting, especially this year, are despicable.

My state also has only 1 drop-off location per county. It's restricted to business days & business hours, since it's in a county office, with significant line times. It's about 15 minutes each way for me-- but if I lived a block south over the county line, it would probably be 35 minutes each way via the interstate, or hours by public transportation.

And state regulations prevented mail-in ballot requests from being mailed before October 14, and we're in one of the cities where Postmaster DeJoy had sorting machines disassembled and removed. Absolute best case timeframe to allow 10 days to return a ballot by mail (since the USPS has been intentionally crippled) left a 7-day window for getting your ballot in the return mail. (That assuming a 'normal' 2-day wait for receiving your ballot after it was mailed by the election office.)

The bright sides here: anyone can request a mail-in ballot, assuming they had access to the internet & needed documentation. Ballots didn't need to be witnessed. The process of filling them out wasn't too bad-- but I'll note that my wife and I double-checked each other's 'security cover' forms, and both of us made initial errors in filling them out that would have disqualified our ballots. (And we're college graduates, and native English speakers.) The county has an online tracking system, so we could confirm that our mail-in ballots have been received.

Wow-- good for them. I hope they got "I voted" stickers, and wear them proudly.

Maybe we could make Veterans Day the day to vote since it is already a National holiday and near election day, then many would have the day off to vote. We could honor our veterans by voting and using the right many died for us to have.

To really encourage voting, we need more voting locations and more early voting including outside of office hours and on weekends.

We also need to pass new legislation to reverse the 2013 Supreme Court decision to end the Voting Rights Act. And then the Supreme Court will need to be expanded to prevent the Republican justices from making up new fake legal theories to justify enabling and supporting Republican voter suppression.

Republicans are trying to throw out 127,000 ballots in Harris County, Texas because they used drive-thru voting.

Would not be surprised if Don the Con files suit in all the swing states he loses to try and disqualify those ballots. But first, his supporters will try to intimidate voters into casting their ballot for DtC or to not vote at all.

I think for presidential elections, it should be 1 week. Granted turnout will never match 2020 because frankly, everybody is voting because they hate Don the Con. Of course I realize setting aside one week will never happen because Republicans are against any measure where there are more ballots cast.

In my area, there was one year where the voting locale was at a park lodge. While there are some commuters who would pass that area everyday, there is no foot traffic which means no public transportation there. I was driving and had trouble finding it. Forget it if you had no ride. I was always suspicious on why voting was held at such an obscure location.

Even one of the top Republican election lawyers, Ben Ginsburg who worked on cheating to get Bush elected, is now saying what Trump and the GOP is doing is "un-American":

[i]"President Trump has failed the test of leadership. His bid for reelection is foundering. And his only solution has been to launch an all-out, multimillion-dollar effort to disenfranchise voters"

“Calling elections ‘fraudulent’ & results ‘rigged’ with almost nonexistent evidence is antithetical to being the ‘rule of law’ party”[/i]

My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump

holy smokes

"Voter Furaud"

That certainly gives one "paws" for thought about the results from that precinct! Thanks for passing along a bit of humor in the midst of this contentious election.

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Bernie the prophet