Making Payments with a Zero Balance

Hello All. I just wanted to pass on that I just spoke to an AT&T rep and was told that even if you have a zero balance you can still make a payment to your account. Some time ago on this site, someone said you can ONLY pay during the brief period that the bill is due (and has a balance) However AT&T just informed me that is NOT the case. They take your money whenever you want to give it!

My experience is they will take your money even you don't owe them, then they will report you to credit bureau if you resist.

Thanks for that info. I was the one that said you couldn't pay without a balance because that is what a phone rep and a chat rep told me. I was trying to pay my bill ahead of time and they said it couldn't be done. I am glad they were both wrong. It just goes to show that some reps don't know what they are talking about.