Making It Whole

Whew--it's about time they found the other half of the universe, for I was beginning to think the universe was half empty. Now when I die , the celestial ingredients that compose my being can become one with a whole universe. Something to look forward to.

Found, you mean like Columbus found America?

Not really. As I understand it, Columbus' goal was Asia, and he ended up in the Americas by mistake. The scientists who "detected" for the first time the long sought after missing matter that comprises about half of the universe found what they had intentionally set out to find, unlike Columbus who did not. Given that, I'm afraid that mankind the explorer, somewhat akin to Columbus, is still adrift in a largely uncharted universe.:unsure:

Probably not like Columbus found America, for popular history routinely recognizes that Columbus founded America.

Apparently, Columbus was just flat out confounded. Anyone who thought that the earth is shaped like a woman's breast, teat and all, should not have been trusted. Oh well, at least some people get the day off work because of him. And we have Pizza.

Columbus was an illegal immigrant who brought disease and killed Americans.

And Trump, Breitbart and the alt-right love him! :lol: