Make money when you get SPAM call


Now some don't want the robocalls to stop. Hopefully, the Robo callers will bring in enough income from scamming people so that others can also profit from their scam calls.:ohmy:

Did she use?

Since OP thinks they are so good he recommended them to me.

Wow -- our virtual friend Lenny ( could have made a small fortune with this, having double the fun at the robocaller's expense -- both time AND money! Too bad "he" wouldn't be able to appreciate it fully, since "he" doesn't really exist (in human form, at least).

I have a niece, now a teacher who, as a broke college student, did this. Before she stopped getting calls she made enough to pay a few years worth of the family's cell plan. Might have helped that she got permission to use a law office's letterhead (her mom had worked at for quite a few years) for her demand letters.