Major Bummer

Well, it looks like the happy marriage between Boost and CellNUVO is over. I just got an e-mail from CN Support, a portion of which is quoted here:

"As Boost's system has changed, we can no longer process payments in an economical manner through their platform. As such, as of January 1 we will no longer be able to accept Boost top up requests through our system unless changes to their system occur."

It was sure nice while it lasted. Hope Boost is the only provider getting dropped, for everyone else's sake!

CN told me this 3 weeks ago when they tried to process my Boost payment.

Stephanie tried several workarounds but was unsuccessful in figuring out a way to get it done without wasting additional funds with every payment.

I'm sorry to hear that! CellNuvo is kind of at the mercy of what providers will reasonably accept 3rd-party payments.

Boost looks like it has a straight forward way for 3rd parties to add payment with a credit card with just the boost number. A shame cellnuvo cannot get it to work. It is supposed to be free. I wonder what the issue is.

Add money to a friend or family member’s account – Free (no charge):

Go to give a gift. You'll need your friend or family member's Boost Mobile phone number and a credit/debit card or Re-Boost card. You can instantly add $10 to $99 to their account.

Supposedly you can do it via a phone too.

I have any thread that starts with "Bummer"

Although I am not affected at this time. I worry that this is the start of a domino effect.

This is bad bad news for us all.

Sorry for those affected

Thanks a million for this information! I hadn't noticed it before. I just sent the link to CN to see if that might solve their processing problem. Will update on this thread if / when that makes payments possible again.

Really appreciate your help!

OK, maybe it's just a trial separation, not a full-on divorce... at least for now. No definitive word on any resolution yet (New Year's pun), but according to CN Support, they are working to find a way to get Boost back up and running for payments on their app. Thanks again, @mmfacemm, for your mention of the Boost "gifting" option. That seems like it should be a no-brainer.

Updates to come!

Great news -- it looks like whatever payment issues Boost and CellNUVO had, have been resolved. I was able to successfully complete a monthly payment top-up for Boost via the CN app this morning.

Many thanks to CN and Boost staffers who found a way to make payments work again!