Lycamobile 2c a minute / incoming text free?

I have two Lycamobile lines that I started at the end of 2013 / beginning of 2014 with $10 each.

Their phones reside in our vehicles for emergency use and one sits in an integrated and powered car cradle which boosts the signal and works with the car's audio system.

They now have $5 / $6 in them and I make a call every 90 days to keep them alive with Lycamobile. Today, I decided to use one to call the other. Both lines were charged 2c for the minute.

I also texted one of them from another number, the text was received and has not been charged.

Have Lycamobile reduced their rates? Or is this 2c for a Lyca to Lyca call?

I thought lyca got rid of their PAYG plans for usa, so you might just be grandfathered

I believe the newer plus sims were 2c a min. The older ones were increased to 5c. The newer sims had no data.

If you have the older ones (maybe since you started a while ago) then lyca may have changed the pricing to the newer sim price recently?

You can get lyca payasyou go by getting a sim and no plan. No idea why they decided to make it hidden. Ebay probably the best place to get a sim.

It is the other way around, the new SIMs charge 5c min and no access to data.

I would say they are on the old SIM, but for most the old SIMs have been decommissioned. I know my old SIMs started having a lot of connectivity issues.

Can the 2 cent Lyca SIMs still be obtained on the secondary market?

Yes I have 10 of them @ $10 ea., but you won't be able to activate them. Interested?

What purpose can they serve without activation?

I'm on the new sims. My old sims stopped working a while back and I swapped to the new sims.

The rate before today (on the new sims) had been 5c a minute. But today is the first time I did a Lyca to Lyca call. So I'm guessing the 2c rate is for Lyca to Lyca calls.

However, the incoming text message from a non Lyca line was not charged.

They seem to change it and charge what they want. The new sim used to be 2c at one point and the old 5c and now you guys say the new is 5c and the old is 2c?! No idea why it has to be so hush hush. Not the kind of company I like to deal with despite the low rate.

I guess the only realy alternative is t-mobile's $3 a month plan unless you have a grandfathered gold rewards plan. At least you do not need to use it every 90 days. Plenty of alternatives for an emergency phone though on the other 3 carriers.

I think I have the new sim since I ordered it earlier this year. It is 5cents per call and free incoming text. I've never tried it for data since I only use it as a 2nd sim on 2G on a dual sim phone. I'm just on payg, no monthly plan.

Edit: I tried it briefly. I do get the 4G icon but webpages do not load. So probably no data or bad APN.

I was just joking with you. The old SIMs are worthless

I don't follow Lyca much any more as the changes that came with the Plus SIMs turned me off from their service and the only reason I have service is to maintain the balance I originally had with them, but....... if remember correctly a Lyca to Lyca call was free, so if anything the 2c may actually be an increase and not a decrease? The free calls between Lyca phone could have also been a limited time offer though?

Incoming texts have always been free.

No data accessible with the plus SIM with only a balance and no chosen plan.