Lowe's Coupons

Hello folks! I am looking to make a Lowe's purchase over $100 and was hoping to see if anyone know of a legal and free way to obtain Lowe's Coupons. I see many people sell them even on Amazon, so I figured they have to come from somewhere. Thanks for any insight or direction!

Just in case you haven't looked here:

Thanks! Checked that but it did not seem to yield any results. I did stumbled into a slickdeals thread for coupons which seemed to confirm my thought that people are using coupon generators for Lowe's.

I am surprised that Lowe's has not caught on to this and done something about it. And to be honest, that's not a route I will take. I rather pay more and have the clean conscience.

I do thank you for your post - even if the end result was no change!

Would this help?


Thank you. Unfortunately, no coupon codes. Just sales. It's all good. Worst case, I do know someone who would not mind purchasing the items for me and use their Lowe's 10% discount. At least that would take care of tax and a bit more Thanks again!

Try this

Lowes - 10% Off Coupons
Save 10% off everything for your new home one of 2 ways:
Visit your local post office and pick up a change of address form which usually includes a 10% off Movers coupon
Click through to grab a 10% off code from someone on eBay

Buy a gift card.

Thank you! The USPS one seems like a choice although... I am not moving anywhere. The gift card one, sounds like a great option to stay with a coupon like that or that 10% through that individual. That makes me think "If only one of those giftcard deals would come out" where you pay a certain amount but get a larger one (e.g. pay 85 for 100).

If u shop at home depot

I'm assuming you have ruled this out based on your requirements - while not free - it is low cost. I've purchased coupons off of ebay a couple times and have had no issues with online purchase. Have not tried them for in store purchases. You can buy from this store either directly from their site or on ebay....http://www.quik-coupons.com/.

Another option - if Home Depot is an option - whenever Menards has a 11% sale, you can get 11% back at HD as well:

Moving is not a requirement

They price match so if you can find it elsewhere for less then that is something.

You can work hard at swagbucks and redeem for lowes gift cards. You can even print coupons to earn swagbucks which also helps to feed any coupon printing addiction caused by freeup.

I think the movers coupons are no longer valid.

Not many options out there. If it is a really expensive item you could open a credit card somewhere with a bonus.

Hum... moving is required... to the USPS store. LOL!

Now being serious, I have someone that is going to move within a week or two, so they will get that packet anyway and I am certain they will have no issue giving out the coupon.
Now, I forgot all about Swags and to look into it. Since I do actually use coupons, that may be a good way to build a stash for future purchases (unless, they go CellNuvo style).

Thanks all as always for sharing your knowledge!

Try to be of service.

Of course when you go to the post office they frisk you and ask for proof of current and new address.


Nope. They just hand you a package. Want to get rid of you move on to the next person

LOL, 2nd one sounds just right!

Probably too late but...


Already purchased the items needed using giftcards at discounted rates via cashcard.

If anyone is looking for lowes - amazon has $100 gift cards for $10 off.