Low Latency Satellite Internet Not Far Off

Space X Internet---I like the sound of it, and just hope it works. It's becoming crowded out there just above us.

"There were an estimated 1,459 operating satellites orbiting Earth at the end of 2016, and the 4,425 satellites in SpaceX's planned initial launch would be three times that many. Other companies are also considering large satellite launches, raising concerns about potential collisions and a worsening "space junk problem," an MIT Technology Review article noted last month."

"Starlink" evidently will be the name of this internet project. The first two prototype satellites will be launched this Saturday, but the entire system will not be operational until 2020, which seems far off to me. Apparently it has already been green- lighted by the FCC. The big telecoms are probably keeping a close eye on this project.

After delays, the first two test satellites for SpaceX's Starlight internet project were launched today. Hope they work as planned.