Lost Gold again (10/5/217), looks like the same problem as 9/19/2017

Happened again...

Was doing fine swiping earlier this morning then I got dropped from ~198 Gold to ~164 Gold. Reverted to the same point in time as it did on the 9/19 incident.

I just submitted an email to CN Support w/ a fwd to Jim and Tom. Whatever happened looks to be the same issue as before. Doesn't seem correlated to any plan change or Top-Up (I had requested a 5 Gold Top-Up, but this is 34 Gold).

Just notifying the general CN-following public here. Maybe they're close to another app release? Or a server just crapped out again?

Yes, just saw the same thing you did. I checked the app total immediately after starting my phone, and saw the same total as yesterday. As the app connected and refreshed, the figures dropped to reflect an earlier result. Thanks for the quick warning, as it allowed me to do before/after screen shots.

I think I lost 5 gold, I never contacted support about any plan, was going to try and wait until I could do it from the website. Maybe they just put me on the infinity plan automatically. Just checked my wifes phone and her gold stayed the same.

I think woo_24 is right: this is a reporting issue referencing back to an earlier point in time. I've only checked one phone, but the current totals indicated match the screenshot I took after the September reporting issue.

It is complicated by the possibility that some (few?) members may have 5 gold deducted as a refill, but so far we haven't seen any reports of that happening unless it's specifically been requested by the user-- and not reliably even then.

I lost 15 gold.

One line lost 15 gold. The other lost nothing. Both supposed to be on the infinite plan

Looking back I think the 5 gold I lost is about what I've earned since the last time we had this problem.

I lost 15 gold as well.

Gold was just restored.

Mine too

Thanks for the update. Just checked and mine restored too, but only to this morning's value. It doesn't seem to include all the silver I swiped during the "outage"...I had racked up over a Gold... I suppose not a big deal.

Now onto getting functioning service and original numbers restored.

I strongly agree with you that cell service would be nice on a cell phone. Opposing opinions welcome.

Any update on your account? Mine still does not work.


Several lines still have nothing. On one of those, the temporary number stopped working after a couple of weeks with less than a minute'of uptime though I was charged more than a hundred silver for that test dial to our home line.

One of our lines is reconnected on a temporary number and is eating into the 5 Gold charged for signing up on the infinity plan.

No original numbers and most lines are not working.

It stinks!

Gethome, I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with, since it looks like you're seeing something that most of us aren't.

" I was charged more than a hundred silver for that test dial to our home line."
Do you have access to a dashboard that shows usage and charges for same? I know a couple of people have mentioned that they see the counters on original courtesy allotments indicating some usage, but also seem to report that the usage indicators seem unreliable or possibly very delayed in reporting.

"One of our lines is reconnected on a temporary number and is eating into the 5 Gold charged for signing up on the infinity plan"
Without knowing more details, this sounds like a reason for at least some rejoicing-- you've successfully refilled the account, and see usage tracked? Does it appear to be tabulating at the proper rate?

This got all 3 phones working!!!


Ads aren't working. Says Redeeming then nothing happens. Geesh