Loosing Patience

Here is the most recent E-mail I sent to CS. I'll be interested to see their response......

It's been 5 days and the number in the App still has not changed. I have 140 dollars worth of gold but haven't been able to redeem 1 penny yet. I tried refilling my Red Pocket line, My T-mobile line and my AT&T line and all 3 have failed. If your never going to be able to give me anything despite the hundreds of hours I spent swiping for 'gold', please just tell me and I can then move on. If however, you know of any way I can "cash in" my gold please let me know the specific steps so I can do so. Two months of back and forth and over a dozen emails to CS has so far gotten me nothing. Please advise.

I am sure they are "on it" and will resolve your issue "soon."

Such a helpful post! We really need more of this kind of helpful posts. Hopefully JTSR71 can get here quickly to fill this thread's needs.

I Think they just want us to throw up our hands and say f*** it. Then get new customers starting over with 0 gold. I sent email to tom. He's answered about 3 of 15 emails I've sent the last 8 months so good luck with that. I said escalate.

I tried using a phone to become a new customer, but CellNuvo's process prevents new customer sign-up. See https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/1044-successful-bill-payments-via-the-new-app-stick-to-the-topic-please?start=60#17729

I don't think we have any successful payments in the past week or two. I'm losing patience as well as there is no reason why my sprint payment request should not go through when I provided the exact same details as a successful one already processed. 10 days and counting. I guess 50 gold was too much.

Frasier1, like Hungry Hog, you're one of the nice guys here.

But you have to stop hoping that cellnuvo will do the right thing. It's time to judge them on results not on promises.

Losing patience ??
Nope, not here. 'Tis already long since LOST & all gone.

Very well said:

What results ?!? (If there are any, they must be invisible.)
I've given up on the entire concept of 'free' phone services, other than seeing this all as a very silly & useless time-wasting diversion from the actual daily needs of living.

My conclusion based upon what IS visible thus far=>

The whole hypothetical 'switchover' from CN to RP looks EXACTLY the same to me as when the old RP forced remaining users to rotten ting - only this time even the switching didn't work.

I'm not from Missouri, but still I say "Show me" !!!

FreedomPop is almost free, but the data is limited and voice is only VoIP. Now I use a combination of FreedomPop and tello. I heard that truphone is good too.

This cellnuvo thing is a failure. Obviously people stoped swiping when they got enough for paygo, then it used up all money, rendering golds worthless. In return, even a sucker like me quit swiping.

Sprint is almost free too. Unlimited talk/text/data/10gb hotspot!


FP is totally useless in our area, sadly - and Truphone's sign-up fee to get their SIM is too high for my trust level no matter how good they're 'sposed to be and/or what it includes.
I've hoped to hear of a promo for them with a lower entry cost, but thus far none has appeared.

:slight_smile: HH said: " In return, even a sucker like me quit swiping."
You've been treated like swine.

It requires an expensive phone,right?

Do you consider Moto G4 expensive?

That is too bad. Freedompop LTE sim uses att network. You must live in the mountains.

Any phone over 30 bucks is exceedingly expensive.

Correct !!!:

And my only functional, unlocked GSM phone right now is a Blu dual-SIM model which taught me via trial & error that using TF & FP SIMs - both for voice, is not a workable combo here, sadly.