Locked GoPhone Devices with FP LTE SIMs?

Does anyone know, for certain, if GoPhone devices will work with Freedompop LTE SIMs, right out of the box?

Can the APN be changed?

Does it matter if it's still locked to AT&T?

Do GoPhone handsets have hotspot enabled?

Has anyone tried a GoPhone hotspot with a FP LTE SIM?

I don't know your specific situation, but you say "right out of the box. If that is the case you can request a non customer unlock from AT&T and in most instances they will unlock it.

You should do this before you even take it out of the box, certainly before ever turning it on.

Even if they don't unlock it, in my opinion it is best to wait a few days for an unlock code rather than use as is. Depending on the device it is much more universal and will retain more value unlocked.

Other than that it should work OTB with a LTE SIM, not so sure it would with the Global SIM?

The FP LTE sims run off att so should run on a locked ATT phone. The gsm providers are not as locked down as sprint. But yes follow what was posted above as usually ATT will unlock unactivated gophones.

AT&T updated their GoPhone unlock policy... they will no longer unlock without having fulfilled minimum svc period.

When did GoPhone change their unlock policy?

Since when? I have not seen any discussion on this, but I have not been paying all that close attention either?

I still see the ability to request an unlock as a non AT&T customer, so it would not hurt to try.

Hm... maybe I read an outdated article...
Anyway, here seems to be a nice comprehensive list.

I just checked a random phone on the AT&T website and went through the steps to unlock and got the following message.

"GoPhone is not eligible to be unlocked; once active for 6 months, an unlock request can be submitted."

I've got enough unlocked devices that it won't bother me to have a few locked AT&T ones-- as long as I can use my FP LTE SIMs in them.

Although I prefer the form factor of hotspots, most don't have a way to set a data cutoff. (Only a warning.)

So I may look for a GoPhone that has hotspot capability and give it a try.

They have been unlocking unactivated gophones for some time and it is often discussed on slickdeals - contrary to their policy but they allowed it nevertheless. Not sure if things have changed recently or not but I remember seeing a gophone iphone 5s that people were getting unlocked around Christmas time. No harm in trying. But for an ATT freedompop sim you should be fine in a locked device.

What's the history of this device? (So I read correctly that there was a minor TOS change/enforcement?

I do not have this device and was just trying to see how exactly the policy works.

I simply went to the website to see what the policy was and saw a reference to eligibility requirements and clicked through several links that brought up a selection of phones. Then I picked one at random and followed the steps to request an unlock. The wizard stopped me at the precheck stage by asking if the phone had been in service for 6 months.

I bought an iPhone 5s from Cricket Wireless and was trying to unlock it from AT&T before activation. The request was rejected 6 days later with an email saying "Thank you for contacting AT&T about unlocking your Apple iPhone 5S Model A1533 device. Because of certain AT&T guidelines, we were not able to unlock your device." I guess that I have to use it for 6 months in order to unlock it following the rule.

GoPhone is not Cricket and Cricket devices have always been tightly locked down. While Cricket devices have failed an unlock attempt GoPhones were passing with hardly any issues. GoPhone policy may indeed have changed, but until you actually go through the process, unlike what oldbooks posted, you will not know for a fact..