Living in a Simulated World

20 years since the vaunted "Matrix" emerged on the big screen, and its contribution to the debate about what is real continues, a debate that started long before cameras, movies and computers existed.

If we're are living in a simulated world, whoever constructed it seems to have been lacking in imagination, for things are too gloomy here. It or they did a pretty good job creating Nirvana, a place I have yet to visit, and it did a pretty well making good simulated flowers, but its inability to create a simulated blue rose is beyond perplexing and leads one to the bowels of skepticism, which I suppose is also a simulated data domain.:slight_smile:

We met keanu reeves at a restaurant. He was sitting next to us. A few others went up to him.

So we said hi. He was finished eating. He was so nice. Thanked us for saying hi and that we admired his work. We only talked for a few minutes maybe 5.

Very humble fellow