Life with Amazon

The article linked below contains a link to find your entire Amazon purchase history, which is interesting to me since mine goes all the way back to 2002, which is also of interest since I did not start using a pc until about 2010. But my wife did, so she ordered everything from 2002 to 2010. We have purchased many diverse items, but not a kitchen sink. Amazing how all those $5 to $10 purchases add up to a considerable sum.

Pretty scary all around - 'specially how impervious most folks seem to be whilst all sorts of businesses are folding up all around us.

I still cannot get my old head to grasp how there are just so many folks living their lives THROUGH their handheld devices - deadwalking through the days of their lives with pretend friends whilst being oblivious to their families & friends who may be right within arms reach;
Yet it seems to be that force which (more than any other) is driving the whole get-it-delivered-and-stay-at-home phenomena.

Going to the market now & then - getting a coffee someplace along the way - having a meal with someone else and NO PHONES interrupting that...these are good things IMO.

How does this relate with being able to get our full buying history from that site ??
Keeping one's (so-called) humanity alive.

Becoming a deadwalking zombie cyborg with matching priorities holds no appeal to this old man !!