LG X Charge Impressions

Bear in mind that I only buy budget phones because I'm too cheap to spend hundreds of dollars on flagship phones.

That said, the unlocked LG X Charge that I received, yesterday, (bought with CellNUVO gold) is the best phone I've ever owned. I even like it more than the Moto E4.

The battery life is ridiculously long, the 5.5" display is easy to read, it can handle an SD memory card up to 2 terabytes (!), it doesn't lag, and it has double tap on/off, which is a big thing, for me.

It also supports T-Mobile WiFi calling (I'm using it with my T-Mobile SIM).

So far, I have nothing but good things to say about it.

I still love the E4, but the LG X Charge has it beat.

Thanks Chelle! We have similar cost constraints on phones. I've used your mini-reviews and comparisons to pick several for our family. It's especially helpful that you usually compare a new acquisition to something a lot of us are already familiar with.

Does this phone have led notifications?

I have the X Charge as a backup phone on xfinity. It's unlocked so I can use it on GSM networks as well as Xfinity.

I got it for almost free and pay less than $1 a month for unlimited talk and text. In fact, my credit card company gave me $50 for paying a single xfinity mobile bill. So I've actually been paid to own the phone and use it.

The whole purchase, delivery and set up process with xfinity was seamless.

I knew you were going to ask that!

No, it does not have an LED.

Lol. Glad you are happy. Whomever that mysterious poster was. Who made you second guess yourself and steered you away from moto g5. You should pm that person a thank you lol

Any updated LG X Charge impressions?

Still my favorite phone I've ever owned.

I normally have to charge my phones, every day, but this one makes it almost three days between charges.

It's an amazing phone.

Price has gone up to $170 now. Dad gum.

Or has it always been $170?

It's been as low as $119 on Amazon.

I bought it for $129.

What's your take on some reviews suggesting that the phone's 16 GB space is taken up by bloat ("system software") such that there's slightly under 6 GB usable space new out of the box?

I bought one anyway at the great price of $99. Too bad it doesn't support Verizon. Not that I support Verizon, but just in case, you know.

I haven't noticed a lot of bloat but I can't remember what the available storage was when I first got the phone.

I have a 128GB storage card installed, so I've got plenty to play around with.

Which CDMA SIM card for Sprint?

I got the Boost 3 SIM kit from shopalldeals.com.

The 3 different cards are
Each of the 3 can be nano factor, which is what LG X Charge requires.

Ting's website doesn't have LG X Charge. But looking up on Ting using LG X Power, G5, & G6, that website no longer uses the Sprint SIM card model nomenclature. Dad gum.

@jamielih. The LX Charge requires SIMOLW416Q, number 3 on your list. To find which sim card to use on your phone, just go to Tello.com, enter the ESN/IMEID number on BYOD page, and it'll tell you which Sim card is compatible for your particular phone on Sprint network.

Received my LG X Charge. Great phone, like the double taps on screen to wake it up on newer LG phones. I like it better than Motorola G 5 plus. Has good feel to it, screen resolution is good, and perfect size. Not too big and not too small. Compatible with 3 networks is a plus as I still have a couple of Tello accounts left. For $99 sale at that time, it was a great deal!

This is what Sprint sent us for an LG X Charge.

Thanks SuccessOne & Chelle.

It appears that you both used SIMOLW416Q.

Looks like the SIMOLW506TQ is compatible, too, according to https://www.getdatapass.com/products/sprint-sim-card-nano-simolw506tq


Any idea how to see s list of widgets on the phone that I can add to home screen?

Long-press on a blank area of the home screen and then tap "Widgets".

Thanks Chelle. My problem was that there was no blank space. Had to first move icon into a folder to create blank space then use your method.