Latest developments makes me think that Biden might not be our next President

There is now a chance that McConnell will have the Senate vote on removal and make Pence President for a few days.

Since history recognizes the David Rice Atchinson situation only as an entertaining anecdote and not as actually holding the office, I guess that would bump Pence ahead of Harrison.

Ever since Don the Con lost the election, Republicans with a brain have been trying to remove his ass from the party. Problem has always been that the party would in turn lose the moron vote that they evidently believe is essential to their political lives.

Well, it looks like McConnell has let the country down again.

Trump will be President for another week which gives him the opportunity to continue subverting foreign policy for his own deals, hand out pardons to his fellow conspirators and seditionists, and continue to try to hold the country hostage by continuing the Big Lie which incites the white supremacists, nutty militias, and incel Proud Boys.

But he and his MAGATs don't understand that America does not negotiate with terrorists. And after Jan 20th, the DOJ, the FBI, and law enforcement will rain justice on these domestic enemies of America.

History says you don't remember facts very long, even NPR reported info. GAO: Bergdahl Exchange Violated Law : NPR

Good point.

And thank you for acknowledging that Trump is a terrorist.

I am beginning to suspect that Mike Pence refusing to invoke the 25th Amendment is due to him being afraid of Don the Con. Pence is hoping to run for President one day, but that would never happen if he turned on his own party. Poor reasoning on his part though as he should know that anybody with a DtC stench will never receive enough votes to win a national election. Probably equally frightening to Pence is a fear for his own safety as DtC has demonstrated only a week ago of his ability to unleash maga nutcases on anybody. Even somebody who has been loyal to him for the last 4 years.

Anyway, it is obvious that the majority of Republicans have no issue with maga threats of violence directed against their own (Mike Pence and Liz Chaney). Message is clear. As long as you can deliver the moron vote, you have free reign and can terrorize and grift to your heart's content because nothing is unacceptable.