krack hack!

so like this?

This "Krack" attack vulnerability is a big deal according to those in the security field. Apparently, it is particularly worrisome when using one's devices in public wifi situations, but less so when using one's home wifi, provided that one does not live in an apartment setting or close to other homes where neighbors and others could possibly tap into your wifi system. I read where "MikroTik " is one of the few companies that has already provided a patch or fix for their router products, and security conscious people are buying and switching to them. Hard not to use wifi, but just about everyone is at risk when they do so.

This is a problem with the wifi standard, not just android.

Yeah---I edited my post, for I should have just mentioned that Android and Linux are more vulnerable than some other devices, though all wifi using devices are vulnerable. "The researchers, who said the attack was particularly severe for Android and Linux users"

"The attacks on Google's Android are made simpler by a coding error, where an attacker will know the key just by forcing a reinstallation. That's because the operating system uses what's known as an "all-zero encryption key" when the reinstallation is initiated, which is easier to intercept and use maliciously."

I use ARP Guard app

It is free in playstore. It says it protects your phone on public wifi. I did see two attacks in my history.

What do you guys think of this app?

real security or false sense if security?

As I understand it, and as Pew stated, this hack has to do with the WPA2 wifi standard, not individual devices, and , so, the public wifi protection apps for one's individual phone would not be effective against it.